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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 42/2016 (Dec. 19, 2016)
Bluetooth 5.0! The first information about Bluetooth 5.0 already appeared in June this year, but the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) published the core specification of the fifth version of Bluetooth just a few days ago. Now, the updated Bluetooth technology is ready to be implemented in mobile devices hitting the market in the forthcoming year.
The new standard has been created primarily for transmitting small portions of data to multiple devices. This is important for the systems and devices belonging to the Internet of Things. The fifth version of Bluetooth will allow for providing advanced solutions e.g. for intelligent home systems.
Bluetooth 5 - higher data rates, longer range, multiplied broadcast messaging capacity
(source: www.bluetooth.com)
Bluetooth 5.0 is faster than previous low-energy versions, allowing transmission speeds of up to 2 Mbps, two times higher than in the case of its predecessor. So, mobile and autonomous battery-powered devices, now capable of transmitting data faster, will operate longer on a single battery charging or replacement.
Another feature of the new standard is up to four times greater coverage that can reach several hundred meters in the case of reducing the maximum data rates. This is undoubtedly an advantage that will be used to create solutions for home automation. The range can be adapted to the requirements of the user - not every application requires the maximum range or bandwidth. In this respect, the Bluetooth 5.0 standard is very flexible. Additionally, it has up to 8x the broadcasting message capacity compared to Bluetooth 4.2, which provides great opportunities for advanced beacon solutions.
Transmission of HDMI and USB signals over distances above 100 meters. Signal-HD HDMI to IP converter enables the user to connect remote (up to 100 m) source of HD content to HD-enabled television/monitor, using one CAT5e/6 cable. USB ports of the units located on both ends of the link also allow for remote control of e.g. a DVR/NVR, with a mouse or keyboard. With such a solution, the recorder can be placed in a secure room and operated from any other room, with only the monitor and mouse on the desk. So far, a similar solution required the application of a PC and the recorder had to be connected to the LAN.
HDMI & USB to IP converter/extender
Transmission of HDMI signal from DVR to monitor and USB data from mouse/keyboard to DVR via UTP cable
Normally the maximum length of the UTP cable in an Ethernet network cannot exceed 100 meters. The same applies to the presented solution. However, there are simple methods that help overcome this barrier.
The first method is the use of a device operating in the second network layer, e.g. a switch. With this solution, the maximum distance can be increased to 200 m.
HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with USB extender)HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with USB extender)

The application of a switch can extend the transmission distance to 200 m

Another and the most flexible method involves fiber optic technology, i.e. the change of the transmission medium. For example, using the pair of TP-Link MC110CS L11223 Ethernet media converters, the range can be extended up to 20 km.
HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with USB extender)HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with USB extender)Ethernet Media Converter: TP-LINK MC110CS (single-mode, 100Mb/s, SC, 20km)Ethernet Media Converter: TP-LINK MC110CS (single-mode, 100Mb/s, SC, 20km)

The use of L11223 media converters allows for breaking through distance barriers
in transmission of HDMI and USB signals
Putting a television on the wall. The selection of a suitable mount must be based on the three main requirements: load capacity, mounting standard, and screen size. The most important parameter is the load capacity, which has to be at least the same as the weight of the TV/monitor (a safety margin is highly recommended). This issue is basic for the security of the display and the viewers.
The second criterion is the mounting standard (FDMI/MIS). TV/monitor mounts/brackets usually have hole patterns that are compliant with VESA mounting standards. Although it is possible to use adapters, the users should definitely purchase brackets that fit the patterns of their flat panels.
The third important parameter is the screen size range. It may happen that a mount meets the first two conditions, but the diagonal of the TV is greater than that declared for the mount. Then, there is a risk that the TV cannot be tilted and/or rotated to the desired position. In the case of small monitors, a bracket intended for larger panels may stick out of the contour of the screen.
The table below lists popular Signal mounts with wide adjustment range, designed for large-screen TVs/monitors. The full offer of flat panel mounts is available here
TV/monitor diagonal32'' - 55''37'' - 70''32'' - 55''32'' - 55''
Load capacity30 kg60 kg30 kg30 kg
max. 400 x 400max. 800 x 800max. 400 x 400max. 400 x 400
Terminating the wiring in server rooms. In any kind of server rooms, telecommunication and video surveillance rooms, SMATV cabinets etc. a very important issue is the appropriate organization of the cabling. The right approach to the cable management planning in cabinets allows for easy maintenance and seamless expansion of the systems in the future. The best way of terminating cables in RACK cabinets is to use dedicated patch panels. DIPOL offers a dozen or so patch panels for UTP and FTP cables of CAT 5, 5e or 6, phone cables, as well as for coaxial cables that are used in CCTV and SMATV systems (with F and BNC connectors).
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
Patch Panel (1U, 24 F ports) for SMATV systems
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
Patch Panel (1U, 24x BNC(f)-BNC(f) connectors) for CCTV systems, for direct connecting of DVRs/NVRs
Operating modes of mobile DVR Protect 114. Protect 114 M80114 is a 4-channel mobile DVR designed for use in coaches, city buses, minibuses, street cars / trams, subway, corporate vehicles, tractor-trailer trucks / TIR tracks, patrol cars, prisoner vans, ambulances, military vehicles. It has been specifically designed to provide increased resistance to vibration and shock.
Mobile DVR Protect 114 (4-ch, 2x SD slot)
4-channel mobile DVR Protect 114 with two slots for SD cards
The Protect 114 M80114 DVR supports a range of video formats. The DVR can operate with AHD 720p, CVBS (960H) and IP cameras. The operation mode must be set manually in the menu. There are the following options:
  • 4 x AHD 720p,
  • 4 x CVBS 960H,
  • 2 x AHD 720p + 2 x CVBS 960H,
  • 4 x CVBS 960H + IP 1080p.
The window for selecting input signals
In each mode the DVR can record video at 25 fps in each channel. The application of IP camera provides additional, fifth channel.
The window for adding an IP camera. Thanks to support for Onvif, the range of cameras can be very wide.
A good choice will be e.g. a Hikvision IP camera.
Video monitoring of an apartment building based on Sunell IP cameras and Hikvision NVR. The diagram of the IP CCTV system protecting an apartment building, based on 16 Sunell K1676 IP cameras and Hikvision NVR, is presented below. The camera model is really cost-effective, providing high quality video with 2 MP resolution. Its varifocal lens with adjustable focal length within 2.8-12 mm range allows for setting viewing angle from 89° to 35°. The built-in IR illuminator with maximum range of 35 m ensures good visibility at night without additional lighting. A number of functions such as digital image stabilization (DIS), image defogging (DeFog), high light compensation (HLC) improve image clarity in various situations.
The video streams from the cameras are recorded by the K22161 16-channel DS-7616NI-E2/A NVR equipped with two M89305 hard drives, each with 4 TB capacity. The M3024 monitor connected to the NVR is used for live viewing of the images from the cameras and for the analysis of the recordings. After connecting the system to the Internet via the N3253 wireless router/AP and forwarding its ports, the access to the system is possible within the Wi-Fi network range or from anywhere via the Internet. The N29986 16-port PoE switch, connected to the NVR, has been used for connecting and powering all the IP cameras. The connections between the system components have been made with the use of E1408 NETSET CAT 5e UTP cable.
Compact IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPR54/04ZMDN/M(II) (2MP, 2.8-12mm, 0.05 lx, IR up to 35m)HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD40PURX 4TB (3.5IP NVR Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2/A (16ch, 160Mbps, 2xSATA, VGA, HDMI, ALARM IN/OUT)24PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 2216af (16xRJ45/PoE-802.3af, 2xRJ45-GbE/2xSFP), managedAccess Point TP-Link TL-WR1043ND (w. router & GbE switch, 802.11n, 300Mbps)
Video monitoring of an apartment house based on K1676 Sunell IP cameras and K22161 Hikvision NVR
New products offered by DIPOL
Antenna Support URI-38Z100 (100 cm)
Antenna Support URI-38Z100 (100 cm) E8794C fits masts of diameter not larger than 50 mm. The set includes two M8 U-bolt clamps, as seen in the picture. Vertical installation is also possible (as an extension of an existing mast). In this case the clamps should be placed in different position (crosswise). The support is galvanized.

Professional VHF and UHF DVB-T Antenna Set (H/V): DIPOL 28/5-12/21-60
Professional VHF and UHF DVB-T Antenna Set (H/V) DIPOL 28/5-12/21-60 A2810 has been designed for reception of TV broadcasts in VHF (174-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790 MHz) bands. Thanks to a universal construction, the VHF and UHF antenna segments can be set to the vertical (V) or horizontal (H) polarization of the received signals.

Rotary Coaxial Stripper IDEAL 45-163 (3-5.5mm)
Rotary Coaxial Stripper IDEAL 45-163 (3-5.5mm) L5922 is a tool for cutting round tubes and jackets of fiber optic cables with diameter from 3 to 6.4 mm. It can also be used to work with copper cables. The tool is equipped with three blades. All the blades are adjustable to control optimum cutting depth and to avoid damaging the internal structure of the cable.
Worth reading
Wireless distribution of HDMI signal to mobile devices. DIPOL has introduced HDMI to IP encoder Signal-433 R86433. This multifunctional device encodes input HDMI signal to IP stream. The encoder has HDMI and USB inputs and IP output (RJ-45). The output can stream three independently configured multimedia streams using UDP (unicast/multicast), RTMP and HLS protocols. The HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol allows for adaptation of the bit rate to the network capabilities and can be used for the wireless transmission of multimedia (including HD) to mobile devices... >>>more
Example application of the Signal-433 R86433 encoder in Ethernet network
New Terra multiswitches. Four-year warranty now!
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