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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 18/2017 (May 1, 2017)
Video calls are not enough! Already in the past year, China, the country with the largest telecommunications market in the world, has begun implementing and testing first solutions in 5G technology. The tests of the new equipment are conducted in almost 100 cities. It is worth noting that 5G networks can theoretically send data 10 times faster (even at 10 Gbps) than those of the 4G standard, with latency reduced even to 1 ms.
Two operators, Korea Telecom and Verizon (USA) presented the first international holographic conversation (with three-dimensional holographic images of interlocutors seen on the screens on their devices) using a 5G network. To make this connection, the operators had to use an ultra fast international connection, but more importantly, the 5G network was used to receive the call in the operator's network.
5G transmission of holographic video via from KT network in Southern Korea
to Verizon headquarters in New Jersey, USA
(Source: www.businesskorea.co.kr)
The both telecom operators are testing 5G networks working in 28 GHz band. The applied frequency proves that next-generation cellular networks will be based on very small cells that initially will be deployed in specific, high-traffic locations such as stadiums, railway and bus stations, airports and shopping centers.
Korea Telecom develops holographic connections as one of the most important elements of the 5G solutions. In the future, the operator's offer will include 360-degree live streaming and, more interestingly, broadcasting of sports events using virtual reality. Probably, a 5G network will be available in Pyeongchang during the 2018 Winter Olympics.
DVB-T in IP standard. IPTV is the most commonly used name for TV and video distribution systems using IP networks. IPTV is based on video streaming solutions delivering television content in technologies used in computer networks, instead of traditional transmission of RF signals via coaxial cables.
DIPOL company offers DVB-T/T2/C to IP streamer TERRA sti440 R81606 allowing for selection of four multiplexes (with unencrypted channels) from terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) and cable TV (DVB-C) platforms and their distribution via Ethernet (LAN) network based on twisted-pair cabling. The output IP stream can have total throughput up to 200 Mbps.
IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-410C (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, CI slot)
WDM Diplexer: Terra wo410 (1310/1550nm, 1x2)
IPTV Streamer TERRA sti-440 R81606
(DVB-T/T2/C to IP, USB port)
Power Supply TERRA UP410S R82535
(12V/4.5A, for Terra modules)
IP streams generated by the IPTV streamer can be decoded by IF-442HD R81612 IPTV receivers or by any devices running free software for playing video and audio files, e.g. VLC.
Intelligent remote search of recordings from Hikvision HD-TVI DVRs. HD-TVI DVRs enable the operator to use functions of intelligent search for recordings. The analysis of recordings is available both locally and remotely - via a web browser. For remote access option, the firmware has to be updated at least to the v3.4.81 Build170227 version.
An example of intelligent analysis of recordings. The recordings were searched for the events of crossing the yellow line. The DVR marked the moving object with green rectangle. The moments of crossing the line by the object are marked red in the timeline (the blue color indicates continuous recording mode).
An analysis of recordings can be carried out by detecting:
  • events of line crossing,
  • intrusion into a selected area,
  • motion detection (within the whole field of view).
After the analysis, the moments when events have been detected are marked in red in the timeline. This allows the operator to locate the relevant video coverage quickly and effectively. For detecting line crossings and intrusions into selected area(s), the VCA functions must be active at the time of recording (no matter how they are set up). This is not required in the case of full-screen motion detection.
Ethernet switches for industrial use. ULTIPOWER industrial switches are capable of reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions typical for many industries, like increased dust levels, high or low temperature, high humidity. Such switches should also be mounted in hermetic enclosures installed on poles or other structures located outdoors. The ULTIPOWER switches are equipped with Ethernet ports (Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet, depending on the model) for connecting IP cameras, computers etc. The industrial switches are protected by housings with IP40 ingress protection rating (against solid foreign objects greater than 1 mm in diameter). All the Ethernet PoE ports can power the connected devices (after supplying the switch with 48-50 VDC). Each of the industrial switches has been equipped with optical module or SFP port converting the transmission medium to fiber.
In the example below, the switches are installed in hermetically sealed enclosures located at the poles. The switches supply power to IP video surveillance cameras (PoE 802.3af, 48 VDC) and concentrate the IP video signals from the cameras. The both locations are connected via a fiber optic link (single mode fibers terminated with SC connectors). The IP CCTV system composed of the five cameras is managed by an NVR connected with the N29971 switch. The use of industrial switches improves the reliability of the system, as they are more resistant to overvoltages and harsh weather conditions. The fiber optic link ensures complete electrical insulation between the two locations of the camera points.
Industrial PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 112P-4POE-20 (4xFE PoE, 1xFO SC, 100Mbps 20 km)Industrial PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 112P-2POE-20 (2xFE PoE, 1xFO SC, 100Mbps 20 km)
Example application diagram
FTTH - installation of a RACK distribution frame/box. Implementations of FTTH installations based on fiber optic subscriber lines arranged in a star topology are currently the most popular way of deploying fiber optics in multi-family buildings. The main advantages of the solution include a relatively low cost and a simple installation.
The most popular cable used in these applications is ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A L7102. A special construction of the cable with rectangular cross-section of the jacket plus built-in FRP reinforcing rods naturally limit the bending capability in one plane to a safe bending radius range. Thanks to reduced minimum bending radius of the G.657.A single-mode fibers, the cable and individual fibers can be formed into tight coils (the minimum bending radius is only 7.5 mm).
Due to an increased use of RACK cabinets in multi-dwelling units, the distribution frames often have the form of 19" RACK boxes/panels. The example of such an optical distribution frame is Ultimode MT-524 L5124. The presented implementation involves the application of L7102 cables and single-mode pigtails PG-52S2 L35522.
Termination of 4 ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A L7102 cables with 8 ULTIMODE PG-52S2 pigtails (SC/APC) L35522,
implemented in the Ultimode MT-524 L5124 distribution frame.
The installation should be begun with inserting pigtails into the suitable adapters (the ferrule end faces should be cleaned with the L5916 tool). The pigtails must be adequately marked, so as to avoid problems after splicing them with the fibers of the distribution cables. Otherwise, the connections would have to be identified with the use of a visual fault locator, e.g. L5935. In the case of cables deployed in the whole building, the testing procedure would be very time-consuming.
In the example, the box accommodates four L7102 cables (with total of 8 fibers). Potentially, the box with the included tray can accommodate up to 16 such cables (32 fibers). After adding L5506 tray, the total capacity grows to 48 fibers (after mounting 24 duplex adapters).
GPRS/SMS reporting module SATEL GPRS-T4. The GPRS-T4 module is a device dedicated for use in intruder alarm systems for the purpose of reporting and messaging via a GSM network. The main task of the module is the monitoring of the status of inputs. A change of the input status results in sending event codes to the monitoring stations (GPRS transmission or SMS) or notifying selected telephone numbers by SMS message or CLIP service. This makes it possible to supervise operation of various devices. The module can be used, for example, to control entrance/boom gates in small settlements, to monitor power status, or as a notification module where a professional alarm system would be too expensive solution. In the later case, it is enough to connect a motion detector, window and door sensors. Depending on the needs, the small system can be powered from a suitable AC/DC adapter or protected against power failure by employing a buffer power supply and dedicated rechargeable battery.
GPRS/SMS Reporting Module SATEL GPRS-T4
An application of the SATEL GPRS-T4 G5014 reporting module -
control of two boom barriers on a housing development
New products offered by DIPOL
Wireless Access Point TP-LINK EAP110-Outdoor (802.11n/300Mbps, PoE)
Wireless Access Point TP-LINK EAP110-Outdoor N2569 provides a flexible, easy-to-install, manageable and secure business-class wireless network solution. It can be easily mounted outdoor on a mast. WLAN configuration and management are simplified through centralized management software. TP Link EAP devices also provide captive portal and automatic RF management, making them ideal for high-density, demanding business environments, such as campuses, hotels, shopping malls, parking lots.

Buffer Power Supply PSDCB05125C (13.8V/5A/5x1A/17Ah, for 5 analog cameras)
Buffer Power Supply PSDCB05125C (13.8V/5A/5x1A/17Ah, for 5 analog cameras) M1866 has been designed to ensure continuous power supply for devices requiring 12 VDC (+/-15%) voltage. The outputs with 1 A current capacity provide 13.8 VDC voltage. Additionally, the power supply charges the battery (not included) with current of 1 A or 2 A.

Antenna Cable/Adapter: AT-SMAm-20-SMAf (for ROPAM housings, SMA-m to SMA-f)
Antenna Cable/Adapter ROPAM AT-SMAm-20-SMAf G7135 - antenna cable (RG-174) with a length of 20 cm, equipped with SMA-m and SMA-f connectors (the latter to be mounted on the side of a ROPAM panel/housing) for connecting the SMA-f connector on a PCB (e.g BasicGSM 2) to an antenna located on the panel/housing.
Worth reading
SAT/DVB-T/FM antenna system in a single-family home. This universal solution provides independent DVB-S/S2, DVB-T and FM signals to 4 outlets. The terrestrial DVB-T signals are received by the professional VHF (174-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790 MHz) DVB-T antenna set A2810. Thanks to a special construction, the VHF and UHF antenna segments can be set to the vertical (V) or horizontal (H) polarization of the received signals. This enables the user to adjust the antenna to the local parameters of the broadcast signals, e.g. different polarization in the VHF and UHF bands... >>>more
SAT/DVB-T/FM antenna system with MP-0504L R6944504 multiswitch
providing all the signals to 4 outlets located in different rooms
Protect - mobile DVRs
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