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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 30/2017 (Sept. 25, 2017)
Intelligent face recognition system. Group of scientists from the University of Cambridge, U.K., National Institute of Technology in Warangal and Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India, has developed a new facial identification system. Unlike most existing solutions, it is not based on direct comparative analysis of other images of a person. The biggest advantage of the new system is the ability to identify people with disguised and partially covered faces (with cap/hat, sunglasses, beard, scarf and their combinations). This is possible with the use of facial key-point detection framework for disguised face identification and the potential of artificial neural networks. An artificial neural network trained in photographs depicting partially masked faces distinguishes 14 key-points: 10 around the eyes, one on the nose and three on the lips, which are later used by a learning algorithm in the comparison process for the final identification.
The 14 key-points or markers have been identified as essential for facial recognition. The markers are then connected to form a star-net structure. The orientations between the connected points (distances and angles in the star-net structure, unique for each face) are used by suitable classification framework to perform the facial identification. Neural networks are able to identify such a structure even for disguised and partially obscured faces, finding characteristic pixels in uncovered areas of the face, thus creating a distinctive "face stamp". It can then be compared to structures created from photographs of uncovered faces available in police and other databases, allowing e.g. identification of people captured by city video surveillance systems.
Conclusion of the ENERGETAB trade fair. Thank you all who visited our stand at International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2017. The data from the Hikvision K1705 camera with people counting function showed that we had over 9000 guests!!! The dedicated banner at our web site, updated every minute, was showing the number of visitors to our stand. Due to the profile of the fair, the largest group of the visitors were representatives of the energy industry. So, many of them were particularly interested in Hikvision DS-2TP03-15VM/W K1708 handheld thermographic camera. The camera has two sensors, one for thermal imaging and second for capturing images in visible light. The second sensor improves the identification and detail distinguishing features of the camera. Another surprise for visitors was unexpectedly low price for very advanced fusion splicer Signal Fire AI-7 L5880. We had a tireless helper - DIPOL's Singing Robot warmly shook hands with the visitors, many of them wanted to listen to its beautiful voice. An extended report from the fair you can access here. We invite you to the next Energetab event already in a year.
DIPOL's Singing Robot v2.0 aroused widespread interest by its:
appearance - it had been made of devices and cables offered by DIPOL,
beautiful voice - it sang festive songs and opera arias,
friendly attitude - it warmly shook hands with the visitors,
good manners - it complimented women.
Time for higher category! NETSET U/FTP CAT 6A E1616_500 is a top quality indoor FTP CAT 6A twisted-pair cable designed for use in professional computer networks inside buildings. Shielding layers made of aluminum foil (each pair is individually shielded) minimize crosstalk between pairs and interference with the external environment.
Category 6A has been designed to deploy 10GBase-T compliant installations allowing for data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps! Such speeds are often required in the backbones of corporate networks to provide employees with quick access to local network resources (general-purpose and NAS servers etc.).
Distinguishing features of NETSET U/FTP CAT 6A E1616 cable:
  • highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline confirmed by a 15-year quality guarantee,
  • parameters far exceeding the requirements for Category 6A twisted pair cables,
  • preliminary quality control of materials and thorough tests of the final product,
  • solid wires of 0.57 mm diameter (23 AWG),
  • wire insulation made of Skin-foam-skin PE; colors: white-green/green, white-orange/orange, white-brown/brown, white-blue/blue,
  • insulated wires twisted in pairs, shielded with aluminum foil,
  • sheath made of LSZH material of 7.4 mm diameter,
  • meter markers - length error less than 0.5%.
1 - white-blue/blue wire
2 - white-brown/brown wire
3 - white-green/green wire
4 - white-orange/orange
5 - drain wire
6 - Rip-cord
7 - aluminum shielding
8 - sheath (jacket)
NETSET U/FTP 6A E1616 cable is compliant with the following standards:
  • General requirements for 6A category
    • ISO/IEC 11801:2011 (Ed. 2.2)
    • IEC 61156-5:2012 (Ed. 2.1)
    • EN 50173-1:2011
    • EN 50173-2:2007 A1:2010
    • EN 50288-10-1:2012
    • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2:2009
  • Flammability
    • IEC 60332-1-1:2015 (Ed. 1.1) / IEC 60332-1-2:2015 (Ed. 1.1)
    • IEC 60754-1:2011 (Ed. 3.0) / IEC 60754-2:2011 (Ed. 2.0)
    • IEC 61034-1:2013 (Ed. 3.1) / IEC 61034-2:2013 (Ed. 3.1)
  • Reaction to fire
    • Eca classification
    • EN 50575:2014 including amendment A1:2016
    • EN 60332-1-2:2004 including amendment A1:2015
    • EN 13501-6:2014
LAN in two buildings - distance of 200 m. The best way to create one LAN network in two buildings located at a distance of 200 meters is the application of fiber optic cable. The use of twisted pair cable over such a distance would not comply with applicable standards and would result in a significant reduction of the throughput of the LAN.
In a situation where the buildings are already equipped with switches without SFP slots, the best and universal solution is the use of optical media converters. In each building the suitable media converter is connected to one of the ports of the switch and changes the electrical signals into optical form and vice versa. Choosing a media converter, the user should consider the following parameters:
  • data transfer rate - there are 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps models,
  • fiber type - designed for multimode or single-mode fibers,
  • maximum transmission distance - we offer models with range of 550 m, 2000 m, 15 km or 20 km,
  • communication method - there are models operating with two fibers or with one fiber (WDM).
16-port Gigabit Switch: TP-Link TL-SG1016D16-port Gigabit Switch: TP-Link TL-SG1016DUTP Patch Cable Cat5e (1m, blue)UTP Patch Cable Cat5e (1m, blue)Ethernet Media Converter: TP-LINK MC200CM (multimode, 1000Mb/s, SC, 0.5km)Ethernet Media Converter: TP-LINK MC200CM (multimode, 1000Mb/s, SC, 0.5km)Fiber Optic Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-04B (wall-mounted)Fiber Optic Distribution Box ULTIMODE TB-04B (wall-mounted)Multimode Patch Cord: ULTIMODE PC-019S (1xSC-1xSC, 1.5m OM2)Multimode Patch Cord: ULTIMODE PC-019S (1xSC-1xSC, 1.5m OM2)Multimode Pigtail ULTIMODE PG-21S (1x SC, 50/125)Multimode Adapter ULTIMODE A-011S (1xSC to 1xSC)Multimode Pigtail ULTIMODE PG-21S (1x SC, 50/125)Multimode Adapter ULTIMODE A-011S (1xSC to 1xSC)Universal Cable: DRAKA U-DQ(ZN)BH 8G (8x OM2)
An implementation of optical link in the case of 200-meter distance between buildings
Distribution of DVB-T programming via IPTV system at Rehabilitation Institute in Falenty, Poland. TERRA IPTV headend can convert DVB-T and SAT TV channels to IP streams distributed within Ethernet networks. Thanks to IPTV technology, the building has to be equipped with only one twisted-pair cable (used both for data and IPTV) or with two such cables (one for data, second for TV). In addition to lower cabling costs, IPTV solution also provides a number of interactive features and the programming can be tailored to specific requirements of the users.
The IPTV system at Rehabilitation Institute of St. Hildegarde in Falenty has been designed and installed by Netserve Brzezinski Czaplicki Sp.j. The master antenna set has been composed of Dipol 44/21-60 Tri Digit DVB-T UHF antenna A2670, DIPOL 7/5-12 DVB-T A0710, and ZA-104Ms C0340 antenna triplexer used for combining TV and radio signals from all bands. Aside from the RF coaxial cable transmitting all the terrestrial signals from the roof to the headend in the building, there have been installed additional 8 cables for future extension of the IPTV system with DVB-S/S2 satellite programming. All the 9 cable lines use TRISET-113 PE gel-filled E1017_100 cable and are terminated in Signal R48606 surge protection box designed for comprehensive protection of SMATV systems. The device protects the system against voltage surges induced in signal lines by lightning strokes.
The server room has been equipped with DVB-T/T2/C to IP streamer Terra sti440 R81606, power supply unit Terra UP413 R82533 (12V/4.5A, for Terra modules, mounted on universal DIN rail) and two HDMI to IP encoders Signal-433 R86433. The sti-4440 R81606 module converts four DVB-T multiplexes (MUX-1, -2, -3, -8) to IP stream. The output IP stream with effective throughput up to 200 Mbps is provided to IPTV receivers. SIGNAL-433 R86433 is a multifunctional device that encodes input HDMI signal to IP stream. The source signal may come from a media player, DVR, Blu-ray, PC etc., to create a private TV channel e.g. with medical advice, promotional or entertainment content.
The company mounted televisions with IP TV function in 74 rooms (Philips 32HFL5011T), plus five 55-inch IPTV televisions (Philips 55HFL5011T) located in other spaces. The settings of the televisions can be cloned via USB (from a USB flash drive) or via IP network. In the system, the configuration of the televisions (list of programs and IP addresses) was carried out with the use of USB stick with xml file.
Saving screenshots from cameras in Hikvision IP NVRs of I series. Hikvision IP NVRs of I series, e.g. DS-7608NI-I2 K22083 can save screenshots from cameras according to a schedule or as a response to an alarm event. In each case the administrator can set the time interval between the captured screenshots from 3 seconds to 24 hours. The screenshots are based on video data provided by the secondary stream. This functionality of the NVRs can be used e.g. for documenting the building progress. After setting up continuous recording throughout all days of the week, the screenshots can be captured all day round at specified intervals. It is possible to define up to 8 time periods for each day of the week and specify the mode of operation in each period (continuous, triggered by motion detection or other alarm event).
Configuration of "Capture Schedule" in DS-7608NI-I2 K22083 NVR
Connecting IP camera to Protect mobile DVR. Protect DVRs have the ability to operate in a special mode with support for 1 IP camera. In this mode, they can record video from 4 CVBS analog cameras with resolution up to 960H at 25 fps and from one IP camera with resolution up to 1080p.
Setting channel mode of Protect DVRs
The DVRs support Onvif protocol. For example, they can successfully operate with Hikvision, Signal or Sunell IP cameras. This option with additional IP camera is useful when the user needs to connect 5 cameras, or one of the channels should provide Full HD video.
Adding an IP camera
New products offered by DIPOL
Broadband DVB-T Antenna (log-periodic): LOG 5-12 / 21-60 H/V (VHF&UHF sections with H or V polarization)
Broadband DVB-T Antenna (log-periodic) LOG 5-12 / 21-60 H/V A4015 is dedicated for receiving digital terrestrial television broadcasts in VHF (174...230 MHz) and UHF (470...790 MHz) bands with horizontal, vertical or mixed polarizations (the VHF and UHF sections can be individually mounted in the suitable ways). The main features of the antenna include the ease of installation, practically constant gain in the whole frequency range, and 75 ohm output impedance (no need for a balun, F connector included).

Handheld Thermography Camera Hikvision DS-2TP03-15VM/W
Handheld Thermography Camera Hikvision DS-2TP03-15VM/W K1708 has been designed for temperature measurement in multiple scenarios. The measurement uncertainty is 2oC or 2% of the indicated value. The resolution of the thermal detector is 384 x 288 pixels, and of optical image sensor - 1920 x 1080 pixels. The built-in 3.5" LCD touch screen monitor can display each of the images separately or combine them in any way (PIP).

Cube IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2420F-IW (2MP, 2.8mm, 0.028 lx, IR up to 10m, WiFi, PoE, PIR, video analytics)
Cube IP Camera Hikvision DS-2CD2420F-IW K1717 comes from a new series of Hikvision products - HiWatch. This series of low-budget devices, IP cameras and IP NVRS, is dedicated for anyone who wants to build low-cost high-resolution IP CCTV system. The DS-2CD2420F-IW camera has been equipped with high quality 2 MP CMOS sensor providing perfect video even in low-light conditions and without visible lighting (in IR mode, range of the built-in illuminator up to 10 m). The camera has intelligent analysis functions such as line crossing and intruder detection in a specific area. The user can setup a region of interest (ROI) - part of the image with increased video transmission parameters.
Worth reading
How to solve the problem of voltage drop on long power lines? The PSCU04344SEP M1833 power supply has been specially designed for low-voltage systems with long power runs. To eliminate the voltage drop that would be caused by considerably high resistance of the cables in the case of direct power supply with a 12 VDC source, the power supply provides increased voltage (30...35 VDC), reduced by DCDC10H M1834 DC/DC converters located by the receivers (cameras). The converters with stable 12 VDC output voltage have current capacity of 0.8 A. The four independent outputs of the M1833 power supply are galvanically isolated and protected with fuses... >>>more
Application diagram of the PSCU04344SEP power supply and DCDC10H M1834 converters
Construction Products Regulation (CPR) - new requirements for cables
New requirements for cables in buildings
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