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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 39/2018 (Dec. 3, 2018)
News from China will be presented by an artificial presenter. The world's first information presenter endowed with artificial intelligence made its debut during the fifth global online conference in eastern China in Zhejiang province. The robot named Qiu Hao, which uses the AI artificial intelligence technology, has a male voice and appearance. The facial expressions and gestures are copied from Zhang Zhao, a presenter of Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency. The robot speaks English, learns from live broadcasts and can read texts as naturally as a professional presenter. The Qui Hao robot was created jointly by Xinhua News Agency, the official state media center of China and Sogou.com - the largest Chinese internet search engine.
A robot named Qiu Hao became a speaker on the Xinhua news channel in China. Its facial movements and gestures are copied from Zhang Zhao, a presenter of the Chinese state news agency Xinhua.
According to Xinhua, the robot has become a member of the reporting team and can work 24 hours a day on its official website as well as on various social platforms, reducing the cost of news production and improving efficiency. According to a report prepared by the Xinhua agency, the use of artificial intelligence technology will not be limited only to the presentation of news. Systems based on AI can be used in many other industries, and the society, though somewhat intimidated, has already grown up to such a great revolution.
Mounting TERRA MR-9xx radial multiswitches in RACK cabinets. Front assembly component ZMD-1 R77311 is composed of two elements. It has holes dedicated for mounting TERRA MR-xxx multiswitches (spacing of holes: height 120 mm, width 100/140/180 mm). The set includes M5x10 screws and nuts needed for mounting a multiswitch. The vertical spacing of the elements is chosen so that the cables connected to the multiswitch input connectors have enough space to maintain the minimum bending radius. It is even possible to install Signal R48602 surge protectors. The set includes eight screws with caged nuts, used to assemble the unit in the cabinet.
RACK board ZMD-1 - Front Assembly Component for Terra MR-xxx
Front assembly component ZMD-1 R77311 for installing TERRA MR-xxx multiswitches
Terra MR-932 multiswitch mounted in a RACK cabinet on the RACK board ZMD-1 component. Each input of the multiswitch is protected with TV-Sat Surge Protector Signal R48602.
RACK cabinets in a new color. DIPOL is introducing RACK cabinets in a light gray color (RAL7035). The aesthetic and functional RACK cabinets are designed for installing devices with housing designed in 19"standard (482.6 mm). The height of the mounted devices is given in "U" units (1.75"/44.45 mm). The unit is also used to give the height of a RACK, directly connected with its capacity. Another important parameter of a RACK cabinet is the depth, given i mm, e.g. 450, 600 (external dimension).
RACK cabinets provide ideal solutions for mounting network switches, servers, optical devices, and, after equipping them with RACK board assembly components ZMC and ZMD, they can be used to install various devices originally not designed for placing in RACKs, e.g. multiswitches.
SIGNAL RAL7035 19" Rack Cabinet (6U 450 mm, hanging) R912018W
SIGNAL RAL7035 19" Rack Cabinet (9U 450 mm, hanging) R912020W
SIGNAL RAL7035 19" Rack Cabinet (12U 600 mm, hanging) R912022W
Hikvision is a member of FIRST organization. Hikvision company informed about joining the FIRST organization (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams). FIRST is the most important organization responding to security incidents in computer systems and network sand developing ways to prevent them. It is created by almost 400 teams from various companies dealing with cyber security issues. These include CISCO, Intel, IBM, Microsoft and Siemens. Members of the organization work closely together, exchange knowledge, monitor threats, and work on solutions that improve the security of devices and networks.
IP Project Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS/P (2MP, 8-32mm MOTOZOOM, 0.0036 lx, IR up to 100m, WDR (120dB), LPR, IP67)
Hikvision DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS/P K17894 IP camera
By cooperating with other FIRST experts, Hikvision guarantees an effective, consistent with the latest global guidelines approach to the safety of its devices and services. Exchange of information about threats and attacks promotes effective and quick response to cyber threats. The company's high professionalism is also confirmed by numerous certificates related to security: ISO 270001, ISO 9001: 2008, CMMI Level 5 and AICPA SOC. In addition, data encryption in IP cameras and DVRs/NVRs is confirmed by the FIPS 140-2 certificate, commissioned by the US government.
Vimtag IP cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity. Vimtag CM1 camera makes an ideal solution for people looking for extra security and peace at home or office. The installation of a traditional IP camera requires knowledge of the IP network configuration. Vimtag IP camera is a Plug & Play device for everyone requiring many functions performed by a single device. The functions include an electronic nanny, helper in the care of elderly parents, a pet minder, or just a simple home monitoring system. The CM1 K1552 model is a fixed type of camera with slim and elegant look and Wi-Fi interface.
Cheap WiFi Home IP Camera -Vimtag CM1
Vimtag CM1 K1552 IP camera
The HD resolution of the camera allows for recording all details. This model can work both day and night thanks to the integrated infrared illuminator. The camera has a slot for a microSD memory card and supports cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB. The built-in speaker and microphone provide a bi-directional audio function. Using a smartphone, the user can listen to what is happening around the camera, send a voice message or just talk like on a speakerphone. The free Vimtag app is dedicated to operate the camera using a computer or a smartphone. With this app, the users can have control over everything, regardless of whether they are at home or far away from it. They can always have full access to the camera from anywhere in the world. Thanks to Wi-Fi connection, the camera can be located anywhere within the range of an access point. The power supply (5 VDC via microUSB port) can be provided from the included AC/DC adapter, on even from a power bank (a temporary installation in a place without access to AC power network).
Thanks to Wi-Fi connection, the camera can be located anywhere within the range of an access point
Fiber optic connections inside apartments. The L7102 cable is the first-choice fiber optic cable for applications in homes/apartments. Its high mechanical strength and small dimensions allow for easy and safe installation while maintaining a good level of aesthetics.
If an installation requires only one fiber, the installer not having a fusion splicer can use the Ultimode FAST L5711 or L5712 quick assembly connectors. The advantage of such a solution is the direct connection to the end device, without a need for an installation box.
Items needed for terminating the fiber: L5906 fiber stripper for flat cables, L5905 Three-Hole Fiber Optic Stripper, L5913 dust-free wipes, L5915 IPA alcohol, and a fiber cutter, e.g. L5801. Necessary steps: remove the outer layer of the cable over a distance of approx. 4 cm to obtain access to the fibers, remove the 250 μm fiber coating on the section of about 20 mm (cut off the second fiber), clean the fiber and cut it so that the whole fiber length is 27 mm (part with the 250 μm jacket: 20 mm, part without jacket: 7 mm). The cable with the finished fiber insert into the connector (the fiber may be slightly bent), and then lower the clamping element.
The L7102 cable and the L5711 quick assembly connector are ideal for home installations, also when making patch cords connecting the fiber optic sockets to active devices. The installer can quickly make a patch cord of any length, and perform the basic connection diagnostics with the L5935 visual fault locator.
New products offered by DIPOL
L2 Managed Switch: TP-Link T2600G-52TS (TL-SG3452) 48x 10/100/1000 + 4xSFP
Optical Power Meter GRANDWAY FHP2B04
Multisystem TURBO HD 4.0 Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE19H8T-AIT3ZF (compact, 5 MP, 2.7-13.5 mm, 0.003 lx, IR up 80m, HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI, CVBS)
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With the built-in PIR sensor, the DS-2CE11D8T-PIRL M75402 camera ensures very reliable motion detection
Signal Fire AI-8 fusion splicer
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