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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 10/2019 (March 11, 2019)
It's time to start space tourism. Virgin Galactic has sent the first ever tourist to a suborbital journey. Beth Moses, the head of the training department for future space travelers, had the pleasure of seeing our planet from a space perspective and experiencing the state of weightlessness.
Virgin Galactic, founded in 2004, is a part of Richard Branson's Virgin Group. In the near future, the company intends to take as many as six passengers aboard a spaceplane reaching the edge of outer space (as the internationally accepted standard, it is the height of 100 kilometers above the surface of the Earth). On the occasion of the first passenger flight, the VSS Unity aircraft reached a record height of 90 kilometers and the speed of over 3 Mach.
The first tourist flew into space with Virgin Galactic!
According to information provided by Virgin Galactic, despite the danger accompanying such pioneering flights, 700 people have already booked their tickets for a flight costing 250 thousand dollars!
Injecting CCTV signals into TV antenna systems. Conversion of baseband audio-video (A/V) signals into radio frequency (RF) channel is called modulation. This process allows for distributing the signals coming from all kinds of sources, such as computers, DVD/Blu-ray players, security cameras etc. through antenna systems. Nowadays, the device used for this purpose (modulator) is usually equipped with HDMI input(s). The output RF signal injected into the antenna system is available in the distribution network as additional TV channel (DVB-T multiplex) that can be received by any suitable television connected to the RF network.
HDMI to DVB-T Encoder/Modulator (Full HD 1080p/60Hz, for CCTV systems)
View of the HDMI to DVB-T R86111 encoder/modulator (RF OUT side).
The DIP switches allow the user to select a TV channel.

HDMI to DVB-T Encoder/Modulator (Full HD 1080p/60Hz) R86111 encodes and modulates Full HD (1920x1080-60p) signal provided to its HDMI input to RF signal in accordance with DVB-T standard (COFDM).
The output DVB-T multiplex contains one channel modulated by the source signal. This way the source signal from a DVR/NVR can be distributed to multiple televisions connected to the antenna system. It makes an attractive alternative to installations based on HDMI splitters and cables.

DVB-T modulators without HDCP support are much cheaper than those with HDCP support. In the case of the source signal coming e.g. from a DVR, the cheaper alternative is a reasonable choice.
Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 80 TD (dark gray)Universal QUATRO LNB: Inverto HOME Pro 0.3dBFM Antenna: Dipol 1RUZ PM B (omnidirectional H+V)DAB / DVB-T Antenna: DIPOL 7/5-12UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-60 Tri DigitHDMI to DVB-T Encoder/Modulator (Full HD 1080p/60Hz, for CCTV systems) HD-TVI TURBO HD 4.0 Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE56D8T-IT3E (ceiling, 1080p, 2.8mm, 0.005 lx, PoC, IR up to 40m)Outdoor Antenna Amplifier TERRA MA080L (FM-VHFIII-UHF)Subscriber Terminal Outlet: Signal R-TV-SATMultiswitch Signal MRP-508 (5-in/8-out, passive terrestrial TV path)Inductive FM/TV 2-Way Splitter RI-2/1 F
In the example above, the digital Signal R86111 modulator has beeen provided with Full HD video signal coming from the HDMI output of the DVR. The output RF signal in DVB-T standard is combined by the E2094 combiner with the terrestral TV and radio signals. The signals are received by the A2670, A0710, and A0221 antennas (of course, the antennas can be replaced by other models operating in FM, VHF, bands, depending on the local reception conditions). The outdoor antenna amplifier TERRA MA080L R82022 has three band inputs: FM (88-108 MHz), VHF (174-230 MHz), and UHF (470-790 MHz). Each path of the amplifier has individual gain adjustment, and the UHF path is equipped with LTE 800 filter. The MRP-508 R68508 multiswitch provides 12 VDC supply voltage option that has been activated (switched on) for powering the MA080L R82022 amplifier. The RI-2/1 F E2094 combiner passes the DC voltage to the amplifier.
What is the maximum PoC transmission range? PoC, Power over Coax, is a power supply system used to energize HD-TVI cameras over the same coaxial cables that transmit video signals from the cameras to the DVR. This method of remote power supply eliminates the need for additional cables/wires - each camera is connected to the system via a single coax, or optionally, via (F)/UTP cable (min. cat.5e, with the use of a suitable adapter/balun). A decent transmission range is guaranteed by the application of high quality cables, such as Triset (coaxial) or Netset (twisted-pair cables). The diagram below shows the achievable transmission distances:
Attainable PoC transmission distances in the case of different standards and cables
 Indoor cables
Outdoor cables
200 m100 m
 200 m100 m
UTP cat. 5eE1408E1410100 m50 m
Saving screenshots from cameras in Hikvision IP NVRs of I series. Hikvision IP NVRS of I series, e.g. DS-7608NI-I2 K22083, can save screenshots from cameras according to a schedule or as a response to an alarm event. In each case the administrator can set the time interval between the captured screenshots from 3 seconds to 24 hours. The screenshots are based on video data provided by the secondary stream. This functionality of the NVRs can be used e.g. for documenting a building's construction progress. After setting up continuous recording throughout all days of the week, the screenshots can be captured all day round at specified intervals. It is possible to define up to 8 time periods for each day of the week and specify the mode of operation in each period (continuous, triggered by motion detection or other alarm event).

Configuration of "Capture Schedule" in the DS-7608NI-I2 K22083 NVR

An emergency mechanical splice. Very often installers use mechanical splices in the case of fiber optic cable damage, where there is a need for cutting off the damaged cable segment and the fibers are not long enough to use conventional fusion splicing methods. In general, fusion splicing requires larger cable reserve than mechanical splicing.
Protector for ULTIMODE FAST-MS1 mechanical splice
View of ULTIMODE FAST-MS1 L5550 mechanical splice in the tray of the L5559 protector
The best protection of mechanical splices is provided by dedicated casings. The L5559 protector has been specially designed for the ULTIMODE FAST-MS1 mechanical splice. It is intended for mechanical splices installed on optical cables with diameters of 2-3 mm. The special construction of the cable clamps on both sides of the tray ensures that any longitudinal stress is fully transferred onto the protector, not to damage the fiber. Additionally, the 91mm long casing does not allow for bending the cable near the splice.
Another UniFi device of UAP series. Unifi UAP-AC-LITE N2577 is an integrated solution for building WLAN / Wi-Fi networks operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands with the use of 802.11ac MIMO 2x2 standard. Thanks to a unique construction, the Unifi UAP offers unparalleled performance in such a compact device, data transfer rate 300 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 867 Mbps in the 5 GHz band.
The UniFi UAP is an easy to use and manage Access Point. The device has an elegant look and can be mounted on a ceiling or wall using the included accessory kit. The UniFi UAP can be powered by PoE from the included AC/DC PoE adapter, or from PoE 802.3af/at port of a network switch.
A distinguishing feature of the product is advanced management through UNIFI WiFi Enterprise System. With the system, the administrator can configure and manage wireless network composed of UniFi devices directly from a web browser. The software enables the administrator to view the status of devices and operation parameters in real time. Additionally, the software also allows for import of premises maps to display the signal range of each device. The alternative for the software is the application of the UniFi CLOUD KEY UC-CK N2571 hardware controller.
Access Point Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-LITE-EU (802.11b/g/n/ac, 300+867Mbps)
Access point Ubiquiti UniFi UBNT UAP-AC-LITE-EU 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 300+867 Mb/s N2577
New products offered by DIPOL
Video Surge Protector HDO-1F-EXT (BNC)
Video Surge Protector HDO-1F-EXT (BNC) M17026 is a high quality 1-channel video surge protector for use in a 75 Ω coaxial video line, dedicated for CCTV systems transmitting CVBS, AHD, HD-CVI or HD-TVI signals. The EXT (extreme) series uses the latest protection means in the form of superfast automatic fuses made in MOSFET technology.

PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 0154afat (5xRJ45 incl. 4xPoE 802.3af/at, 1xSFP)
PoE Switch ULTIPOWER 0154afat N29984 ensures smooth connectivity in 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet networks. It has four RJ45 10/100 Mbps PoE ports supporting Auto-Negotiation function, RJ45 1000 Mbps uplink port for connecting to access network, and SFP 1000 Mbps port for SFP module that will allow for integration with optical networks.
Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender: TP-LINK RE200 AC750 (wall-plug, 802.11b/g/n/ac)
Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender TP-LINK RE200 AC750 (wall-plug, 802.11b/g/n/ac) N2947 is designed to increase the range and signal strength of an existing wireless network to eliminate dead zones. The miniature device, which can be plugged into any existing AC power outlet, enables transmission of WiFi signals in the AC standard with a speed up to 750 Mbps. The Ethernet RJ-45 port allows for using the device as a WiFi adapter, e.g. for connecting a computer or TV equipped with LAN interface to the wireless network.
The latest
March 1, 2019 - SAT Kurier Award for TERRA DVB-T modulator. The winner of the SAT Kurier Awards poll in the category Best multimedia product / accessories has become TERRA MHD001P DVB-T modulator. The poll was organized by the SAT Kurier bi-monthly magazine on the occasion of the SAT KRAK trade show and conference held in the Metropolo By Golden Tulip Krakow Hotel. The voters appreciated the high quality, easy configuration, and competitive price of the product, as well as the expected long service life, supported by a 4-year warranty. The statuette was given by the organizer of the conference to Piotr Wasniowski, the Marketing and Advertising Director of DIPOL company.
Worth reading
What does 1080p Lite recording mode mean? Some DVRs designed for use with modern analog cameras provide 1080p Lite recording mode (common names of the mode are also 1080L or 1080N). The mode can be available both in DVRs not supporting the Full HD 1080p recording resolution and in those supporting it, but only at limited frame rate. In the 1080p Lite recording mode the surveillance video is recorded in a non-standard resolution of 960x1080 pixels at 25 fps. It is useful when the higher recording speed at the highest possible resolution (taking into account the specifications of the DVR) is the most important demand... >>>more
Comparison of the 1080 Lite and typical image resolutions used in CCTV:
1080p (1920 x 1080 px) and 720p (1280 x 720 px)
Signal Fire AI-8 fusion splicer
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