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DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 20/2019 (May 20, 2019)
Detecting specific hand activities with a smartwatch. More and more people use smartwatches instead of traditional watches. In addition to indicating time, such a modern watch can handle some of the functions of user's smartphone, such as displaying messages from the phone or even receiving calls. Devices of this type are also able to sense how the human body behaves when walking, driving or sleeping. But what about the user's arm alone? It turns out that smartwatches with several improvements can detect a surprising amount of activities performed with the hand of the wearer. Researchers in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (HCII) used a standard smartwatch to find out when the user typed on a keyboard, washed dishes, poured water into a jug or used scissors. By making several changes to the operating system, the smartwatch could use its accelerometer and in some cases bio-acoustic sounds to recognize arm movements related to 25 different hand activities with an accuracy of about 95 percent.
In the future, watches sensing hand movements will be able to block certain messages that might distract the user during some activities or select the appropriate form of presenting information. The ability of sensing hand movements is also promising for applications related to medicine and health - who knows, maybe watches will make it easier for someone to stop smoking by detecting another movement of reaching for a cigarette or smoking one above a declared limit and issuing an appropriate warning.
Hand movement detection can also be used by applications that will provide feedback to users learning new skills, such as playing musical instruments. Other applications can also alert users to bad typing habits that lead to hand or wrist problems associated with overload or to first mobility impairments, such as those associated with Parkinson's disease.
Activity detection tests started from the recruitment of 50 people, who, during everyday activities, were wearing the specially programmed smartwatches in the period of about 1000 hours. At this stage of the research, each user had to wear the smartwatch on their active arm. The device recorded sequences of hand movements, hand orientation and bio-acoustic information, and then suggested the user to describe the hand activity – shaving, clapping, scratching, applying lipstick, etc. Thanks to this, over 80 activities have been identified, of which 25 analyzed by the scientists. So far, it is a small fraction of the actions in which human hands are involved. The future work will likely focus on specific areas, e.g. the mentioned restricting or limiting the smoking of cigarettes or caring for the elderly.
Control of several electronic devices placed in a cabinet. Placing electronic devices in cabinets or drawers is an elegant solution, but also brings some usability issues - it is difficult or impossible to control the devices with remote controls. The problem can be solved by the application of the Signal IRB-620U R94130 IR bender.
IR Remote Control Bender: Signal IRB-620U (3-way)
An application of the Signal IRB-620U R94130 IR bender with three IR transmitters
The sensor of the Signal IRB-620U R94130 IR bender receives IR commands from any remote control and distributes them to three IR transmitters. Each of them can be placed in front of different device (e.g. on the window/door of the cabinet, glass case etc. housing the devices, from inside). This way, any of the target devices can receive the user's commands without problems caused by location behind the window/door (lack of reaction, shorter range, need for very precise pointing etc). The bender is powered from a USB port of the TV or any of the controlled devices. It means that it does not need an additional power supply and another power outlet.
Export/import of NVR configuration files (including added IP cameras). Hikvision NVRs allow for import and export of two configuration files, with NVR settings and with settings of the connected IP cameras. The files can be exported directly from the NVR onto a USB memory device or to a PC, via a web browser. In the future, they can be used as a backup of the configurations, or simply as "templates" for speeding up the process of installation and configuration of identical systems.
The file with information on the added IP cameras, such as IP addresses, management port, admin password etc. is saved with .xls extension (Excel). The exported file is editable, so can be adapted for other, similar systems, while the NVR configuration file cannot be changed.
In order to save or import the configuration files via a web browser, perform the following steps:
  • log in to the NVR,
  • enter Configuration->System->Maintenance menu,
where you can:
  • save files on the PC: in the Export section, select Device Parameters (set a password with 1 to 16 characters) or IP Camera Parameters,
  • import files: in the Import Config. File section search for the desired file either in the case of Device Parameters or IP Camera Parameters and accept it with Import button.
Export / Import of configuration files (Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2 K22083 NVR)
Which RACK cabinets are certified? Until recently, RACK cabinets were used only in professional telecommunications systems and server rooms. Today, smaller cabinets are used in almost every building installation, and even in home installations. RACK cabinets are ideal solutions for terminating cables and installing active devices of telecommunications and antenna systems.
Signal standing and server RACK cabinets have been tested for compliance with the general safety requirements of the European Union Directive 2014/35/EU of February 26, 2014, by meeting the relevant requirements of EN 62368-1: 2015-03 standard. Hanging RACK cabinets have been certified for the compliance with general safety requirements contained in Chapter II of the General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) of 3rd December 2001 and in the guidelines of the EN 60950-1:2007 international standard.
The tests have been carried out by Laboratory of Applied Tests of the KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology in Gliwice, Poland. The institute has implemented management systems in accordance with the requirements of the EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and EN ISO 9001:2009 standards.
List of cabinets that have declarations of compliance with the required standards:
A document issued by KOMAG INSTITUTE OF MINING TECHNOLOGY in Gliwice, Poland, confirming the compliance with general safety requirements contained in the general safety requirements of the European Union Directive 2014/35/EU of February 26, 2014 and in the guidelines of the EN 62368-1:2015-03 international standard.
How to activate remote control of OSD menu in Hikvision HD-TVI cameras? The control of analog cameras of the old type (CVBS) is usually carried out with the use of a joystick mounted on the camera cable. In most cases, HD-TVI cameras ido not have such a joystick, but the control of their parameters is possible via an HD-TVI DVR. The control signals are sent back to the camera via the same coaxial cable that provides the video to the DVR. To open the camera OSD menu, the user has to enter PTZ control menu of the DVR and then press the button labeled "Menu." The same effect can be produced by calling "Preset 95".
OSD menu in a Hikvision camera
The navigation through the OSD menu is performed by using PTZ buttons, up/down and left/right. The IRIS+ button is used to confirm the changes.
The possible range of functions/adjustments (it may depend on the model):
  • operation mode,
  • exposure settings (slow shutter, AGC, sense-up, brightness, D-WDR, defog),
  • BLC,
  • white balance,
  • noise reduction,
  • privacy masks.
Transmission of DVB-T signals via optical fibers. Most systems transmitting DVB-T signal via optical fibers use traditional optical transmitters and nodes, e.g. the mo418 R82522 transmitter and OD-005P R81760 receiver. The networks are composed of single-mode cables and passive optical splitters that enable distribution of the signal to different locations
An alternative solution is based on the conversion of the DVB-T signal (from a master antenna or headend) to IP stream that is distributed via typical fiber optic network (active Ethernet network), and then converted back into DVB-T. The equipment used for the conversions:
  • IPTV Streamer TERRA sti-440 (DVB-T/T2/C to IP) R81606 that allows for selection of four DVB-T/T2 multiplexes,
  • IP to 4x DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator TERRA mix-440 R81611 that converts IP stream to DVB-T COFDM standard.
The IP stream can be transmitted by optical fibers linking any Ethernet devices - media converters, switches with SFP modules, etc. The advantage of this solution is the possibility of transmission within both single-mode and multimode networks. The signal is split by traditional switches, so in most cases it is not necessary to modify the existing network.
DIN Rail Power Supply DR-60-12 (12VDC/4.5A, for Terra at/mt/ma modules)Ethernet Media Converter M-203G (for two single-mode fibers up to 20km)Ethernet Media Converter M-203G (for two single-mode fibers up to 20km)IP to 4x DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator: TERRA mix-440 (100/1000Mbps, USB port)DIN Rail Power Supply DR-60-12 (12VDC/4.5A, for Terra at/mt/ma modules)Professional VHF and UHF DVB-T Antenna Set (H/V): DIPOL 28/5-12/21-60IPTV Streamer: TERRA sti-440 (DVB-T/T2/C to IP, USB port)
Example of an MATV system (DVB-T) with fiber-optic transmission medium
(transmission of four digital multiplexes via optical link up to 20 km)
New products offered by DIPOL
4K IP NVR: Hikvision DS-9664NI-I8 (64ch, 320Mbps, 8xSATA, 2xVGA, 2xHDMI, RAID, H.265/H.264) – Hikvision Project level
4K IP NVR Hikvision DS-9664NI-I8 K22364 is a Hikvision Project level modern IP network video recorder capable of monitoring, recording and playing back images from 64 IP cameras of megapixel resolutions, up to 12 MP. This standalone NVR with four monitor outputs (two HDMI and two VGA) can be directly connected to a monitor or television, without a need for an additional computer. Eight SATA ports allow for connecting up to 8 hard drives with a total capacity of up to 80 TB. Additionally, the eSATA interface can be connected to another hard disk, to record or back up the surveillance data. The NVR also supports network NAS arrays.
Home Security IP Camera: Vimtag VT-362 (1080p, WiFi, LAN, IR, audio, microSD, PTZ)
Home Security IP Camera Vimtag VT-362 K1567 is an IP / Wi-Fi camera ideally suited to home use as an electronic nanny, home video monitoring device or a simple video recorder. The Full HD resolution of the camera will allow you to record all the details, nothing can escape your attention! Thanks to the remote PTZ control, you do not have to worry about setting the camera in the best place. The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to use the bi-directional audio function. With your smartphone, you can listen to what is happening around the camera, send a voice message or just talk like on a speakerphone. The free Vimtag app is dedicated to operate the camera using a computer or a smartphone.
Secure Door Control Unit Hikvision DS-K2M060
Secure Door Control Unit Hikvision DS-K2M060 G74818 is a unit designed for cooperation with access control systems and IP video door phones of the Hikvision brand, equipped with the RS-485 and Wiegand communication interface. The module has a relay output and a dedicated input for connecting a local opening button. In the case of connection to a Villa series gate station, it is possible to open an additional entrance (e.g. control of the entry gate) using connected monitors, application on a smartphone, PC client application and the local open button.

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New economical RACK-mount ULTIMODE optical fiber distribution frames. Termination of optical fiber cabling in RACK cabinets is an often used solution in optical networks. DIPOL offers new RACK distribution frames from budget line, allowing for termination up to 24 fibers. ULTIMODE RPU-324 L51320 is an 1U-high unit rovided with three front modules, each intended for eight SC simplex adapters (or LC duplex). Additional accessories can be bought separately: front panel L51321 with holes for eight SC duplex adapters, blank front panel L51322 protecting the frame against dust etc. The black version of the distribution frame is available as L51340... >>>more
Optical Fiber Distribution Frame ULTIMODE RPU-324 (24x SC simplex, GRAY) L51320
Signal MRP multiswitches – favorable prices, 3-year warranty
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