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DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 22/2019 (June 3, 2019)
Electric highway for trucks. In Germany, Siemens conducts tests of the eHighway system. With such special electric network on the highways, it will be possible to supply power to trucks with hybrid drives. Interestingly, this will happen while driving. The project is carried out by the German Ministry of the Environment and the Siemens concern. The test route is located between Frankfurt and Darmstadt and has a length of about 10 km.
eHighway - electrified highway in Germany
eHighway is a project that requires the construction of electrical infrastructure over the highway carriageway. The vehicles with a special device placed on the roof draw the electrical energy from overhead lines. The combination of the hybrid track and electric traction allows the flow of current that drives the truck engine. This works in a similar way as in the case of trolleybuses. The authors of the project emphasize that the current flowing in the network is entirely produced from renewable sources.
Trucks using the system can run at speeds of up to 90 kmph without the need for burning diesel. Siemens says that its system is ideal for areas without developed rail network and with good road infrastructure. Siemens also points out that truck operators can save on fuel around EUR 20,000 per 100,000 km. The German government hopes that the electrified highways will reduce the amount of pollution in the air.
Holiday photo contest! Already for the eighteenth time, we are organizing a Photo Contest that brings together people capable of catching various aesthetic features of antennas. For 17 years, we have received 4500 different works presenting these devices from a previously unknown perspective.
Again, we are waiting for unconventional, majestic, minimalist or funny pictures, whose main subject is an antenna of any kind. Traditionally, the works will be assessed by a well-known photographer from Krakow, Mr Paweł Zechenter. The winners of the competition receive attractive Manfrotto accessories that will certainly facilitate their further explorations. More information on the contest and the link to regulations: Engagingly about Antennas. Have fun!
Engagingly about Antennas - 18th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2019
How to integrate video surveillance system with transactional data? By installing a CCTV system in facilities equipped with cash registers, fiscal printers, bar code scanners and other devices (e.g. scales) users have the possibility to combine both systems, which allows for additional monitoring and data archiving. Such a device is connected to the DVR/NVR (it must have a POS function) via the RS-232 or IP port. The image from the video channel with the POS function shows text data, allowing visual control of, for example, the product being sold, or the proper position of a truck on the platform for weighing vehicles.
Integration of a CCTV system with cash registers via RS-232
Integration of a CCTV system with cash registers via IP network
The POS function is supported by Hikvision TurboHD DVRs equipped with RS-232 interface and by NVRs of I series. Aside from the universal protocol, they support EPSON and AVE variants. The POS data is integrated with the recordings, so it is possible to search them by key words (e.g. the name of a product or the bar code number).
Compact DVB-S/S2 to DVB-C headend TERRA S2C16. The compact digital headend Terra S2C16 R81620 is a 16-channel transmodulator with DVB-S/S2 (8PSK/QPSK) input and DVB-C (QAM) output. The device is designed for transmodulation of FTA channels. Each of the 16 transmodulators of the S2C16 R81620 headend receives signals from a whole satellite transponder (several to over ten TV channels) and forms the corresponding DVB-C multiplex. In total, the headend can distribute 16 DVB-C multiplexes that can be received by televisions equipped with DVB-C tuners or connected via DVB-C STBs. The TV channels received from a transponder can be freely filtered - the only requirement is not to exceed the maximum output bit rate.
In practice, it means that the compact device can receive and distribute up to 100 satellite channels. Additionally, the RF input can be used for combining DVB-T channels (COFDM). As mentioned, the televisions in the facility must receive both DVB-T and DVB-C channels. When the televisions cannot create common channel lists for DVB-C and DVB-T sources, the proper choice is the TTQ-440 R81622 transmodulator that receives signals in the form of four DVB-T/T2 multiplexes and creates the corresponding four neighboring DVB-C multiplexes.
Compact DVB-S/S2 to DVB-C Headend: Terra S2C16
Compact DVB-S/S2 to DVB-C Headend: Terra S2C16
The 4xDVB-T/T2 - 4xDVB-C QAM TERRA transmodulator
The 16xDVB-S/S2 - 16xDVB-C QAM TERRA S2C16 R81620 headend
The Terra S2C16 R81620 headend can receive and distribute satellite DVB-S/S2 channels from two satellite positions (full band from one satellite and low band from another satellite) and terrestrial DVB-T channels. Both kinds of the signals can be received throughout the distribution network by televisions equipped with DVB-T/DVB-C tuners. When the televisions cannot create common channel lists for DVB-C and DVB-T sources, the proper choice is the TTQ-440 R81622 transmodulator.
IP CCTV system for monitoring a store. Monitoring systems are currently the basic form of security in retail trade. High technological progress, a wide range of devices both from the economic and high performance series, available at lower and lower prices make that almost every store can afford this type of security. A high resolution video monitoring system presented in the diagram below is based on Hikvision IP solutions.
The interior of the store, including the shelves and storage room, is monitored by the K17325 DS-2CD2143G0-I cameras with 2.8 mm lens having 103° viewing angle. The wide viewing angle and 4 MP video resolution allow for easy covering of the whole space, even with partially overlapping images and the possibility of watching the same places from different directions, everything in megapixel resolution. The cash register area is monitored by the K17397 DS-2CD2743G0-IZS camera with motozoom, allowing for remote control of the field of view.
Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2143G0-I (4MP, 2.8mm, 0.018 lx, IR up to 30m, WDR, IK10, H.265/H.264)Compact IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2023G0-I (2MP, 2.8mm, 0.028 lx, IR up to 30m, H.265/H.264)Metal Housing/Box: TPR-7 (500x500x200mm)HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD40PURZ 4TB (3.5Ceiling IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2743G0-IZS (4MP, 2.8-12mm, 0.018 lx, IR up to 30m, WDR, IK10, H.265/H.264)4K IP NVR: Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2/8P (8ch, 80Mbps, 2xSATA, Alarm IN/OUT, VGA, HDMI, 8xPoE, H.265/H.264)
A concept of video monitoring system in a retail store
The surveillance data is recorded by the 8-channel K22075 DS-7608NI-K2/8P NVR with built-in 8-portowym PoE switch used for combined video transmission and power supply of the connected cameras. The recordings are stored on the M89305 WD PURPLE 4 TB HDD that is specially designed for continuous operation in video monitoring systems. In this configuration and with the use of continuous recording mode at 25 fps, H.265 video compression, and maximum resolution, the data retention period is 13 days.
The application of a professional video surveillance system in a store allows for real-time observation, acts as a deterrent, and the recordings can be an important proof in the case of thefts.
Wi-Fi network with login authorization and password. TP-Link EAP wireless access points provide flexible, easy-to-install, manageable and secure business-class wireless network solutions. They can be easily mounted to a wall or ceiling. WLAN configuration and management are simplified through centralized management software. TP Link EAP devices also provide captive portal and automatic RF management, making them ideal for high-density, demanding business environments, such as campuses, hotels, shopping malls, offices.
EAP Controller Software (or the N2560 hardware controller) enables centralized configuration and management of the wireless network composed of multiple EAP devices. The functions include real-time monitoring, graphical analysis of network traffic and batch firmware updates. Captive portal provides a convenient method of authentication for Wi-Fi guests. A captive portal requires users to perform certain actions (such as viewing and agreeing to an acceptable use policy or entering a password) before network access is allowed. The required action must be verified by a server or customized database prepared by the administrator.
An example of the Wi-Fi captive portal
PC and APC connectors - are they exchangeable? Optical connectors are available in two versions, (U)PC and APC. UPC means Ultra Physical Contact, APC is the short for Angled Physical Contact. The difference consists in the polishing of the fiber end face. The end face in a UPC connector is flat, in an APC it is polished at an angle of 8 degrees. The fiber end faces polished at that angle prevent reflection of light from the interface between them, ensuring very low back reflection.
The selection of the suitable connector is easier thanks to different colors of the UPC and APC versions
There are several reasons why UPC and APC connectors should not be mixed:
  • much greater attenuation of such connection - when the flat ferrule contacts the angled ferrule they are not adjacent to each other over the entire surface - the free space (air) critically affects the level of the transmitted signal,
  • risk of contamination - the above-mentioned free space is a potential place for accumulation of dust,
  • risk of damage to the connector - when the angled ferrule touches the flat end face of the (U)PC ferrule there is the risk of scratching the flat face; the problem is particularly important in the case of any connecting/disconnecting operations.
New products offered by DIPOL
Multi-system Ceiling Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZF (5MP, 2.7-13.5mm motozoom, 0.01 lx, IR up to 40m, HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI, CVBS)
Multi-system Ceiling Camera Hikvision DS-2CE56H0T-IT3ZF M75351 can be used in video surveillance systems based on various types of DVRs. The user can select the required video standard from among HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, or the legacy CVBS (ANALOG). The choice of the standard is made by the micro-switch located on the additional cable. The enhanced video systems allow for using the 5 MP resolution of camera (there are 4 MP and 2 MP options as well). Thanks to high sensitivity of the image sensor (0.01 lx) and built-in IR illuminator made in EXIR 2.0 technology with range up to 40 m, the camera provides high quality video coverage even in difficult lighting conditions.
UPS CyberPower PR1500ERT2U (1500VA/1500W, rack-mount)
UPS CyberPower PR1500ERT2U N9716 provides advanced power protection for devices such as servers of high importance, telecom and VoIP equipment, and other mission-critical hardware. Line-interactive UPS topology with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) stabilizes irregular AC input voltage and ensures surge protection. The pure sine wave at the output provides compatibility with any kind of electrically powered equipment. Multifunctional LCD display is very helpful for easy configuration and control of the UPS. The display is rotatable, which allows for proper alignment in the case of mounting the UPS in vertical and horizontal position.
Home Security IP Camera: Vimtag CP3 (4MP, WiFi, LAN, IR, audio, microSD, PTZ, intelligent functions)
Home Security IP Camera Vimtag CP3 K1579 is an IP / Wi-Fi camera ideally suited to home use as an electronic nanny, home video monitoring device or a simple video recorder. The 4 MP resolution of the camera will allow you to record all the details, nothing can escape your attention! Thanks to the remote PTZ control, you do not have to worry about setting the camera in the best place. Using the dedicated application, you can change the field of view, capturing the entire room with one camera. This model can work both day and night thanks to the integrated infrared illuminator. The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to use the bi-directional audio function.
The latest
DIPOL in Portugal. From May 8 to 11, DIPOL together with its Portuguese partner, SKUA company, took part in the SEGUREX trade fair in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal.
SEGUREX is the largest exhibition of the safety & security industry in Portugal. According to information provided by the organizers, 160 exhibitors presented their offer on 20,000 sq meters.
The SKUA stand, one of the largest at the exhibition, was very popular among visitors to the fair (the whole event attracted about 40,000 guests). The most interesting items for the visitors were media converters, industrial switches, RACK cabinets and the equipment and solutions for HDMI signal transmission (converters and modulators), MASTER connectors, and Signal Fire AI-8 fusion splicer.
Presentation of Ultimode, Signal and Master products at the stand
Worth reading
Application of a simple fiber optic distribution frame. The diagrams below show an application of a low-cost L51340 optical fiber distribution frame as a RACK splice module. In the frame, eight of 12 fibers of the L76012 universal cable have been terminated, with the use of L3551 pigtails and L4211 adapters. The adapters are mounted to a front panel, using the screws provided with the frame... >>>more
ULTIMODE RPU-324 L51340 and L51320 optical fiber distribution frames are perfect for terminating optical cables with single-tube or tubeless construction
Signal Fire AI-8 fusion splicer
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