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DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 25/2020 (22.06.2020)
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Driverless buses in cities – EU pilot program. A real revolution in public transport is coming by bringing driverless buses to the streets of European cities. At the initiative of the European Union, a project is underway as part of “Horizon 2020”, the largest EU program in the field of research and innovation. An innovative solution in urban public transport is being tested in five European countries. The choice of cities was not an accident, since the driverless buses will have to face different challenges in each of them. Once the testing phase is over, the driverless bus fleets will be evaluated in terms of functionality, interoperability and safety. In Gjesdal, Norway, the vehicles will have to struggle with hilly terrain with a 12% gradient. High temperatures will be the challenge in Lamiia, Greece. In Helmond, the Netherlands, the buses will have to watch out for a great number of cyclists, while in Helsinki, Finland, the route will pass through the second busiest railway station in the country. In Tallinn, the bus will work on an airport route, which will be a challenge given the heavy bus traffic. Autonomous buses will not have drivers, but there might be a safety supervisor on board if the local law so requires.
The first presentation in Helsinki of a driverless bus
suitable for all weather in city traffic
The Finnish Sensible4 and Spanish Shotl companies are responsible for the software in the pilot phase. Sensible4 focuses on autonomous driving in all weather conditions, while Shotl has developed a dedicated application. The technology behind autonomous buses is mainly based on laser scanners and visible light cameras. Thermal imaging, precise satellite navigation and inertial measuring units are also employed.
SAGA, one of the project partners, has developed the "Transport as a service" platform (TaaS) to integrate autonomous and human-driven vehicles via an open API. The SAGA TaaS platform offers all that is needed to develop a hybrid service of human-driven vehicles and autonomous transport with the possibility of using driverless vehicles of any manufacturer. It is expected that the fleet will operate in mixed traffic, at city speeds, in almost any weather conditions without the driver on board. SAGA will operate autonomous and human-driven vehicles in all locations. Intelligent urban transport systems and an integrated approach are crucial for the development of urban mobility and may contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in cities.
DipoL Jubilee. In 1990, four enthusiasts founded DIPOL. The first and, for many years, main product was the ASP-8 grid antenna that gave thousands of Poles and Europeans access to terrestrial television.

Countries DIPOL has exported to since 1991
Currently, DIPOL sells through the e-Store, at the Head Office in Krakow and through the network of Branches, Distributors and Partners (Częstochowa, Gdańsk, Katowice, Kielce, Łódź, Sandomierz, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wrocław). DIPOL has direct representative offices in Czech Republic, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, and websites in English and German.
The turning points in the company history and its key activities are summarized in the article 30 years of DIPOL.
The 19th edition of the photo competition has begun! Holiday is the time of increased photographing. Why not use it and turn your lens to roofs, balconies and hills (possibly with some antennas)? Please feel free to take part in the nineteenth edition of our photo contest for the best pictures of antennas.
In this year’s edition, attractive prizes from Seagate and SanDisk will go to the winners! We are waiting for your works till September 25. Competition info and rules.
Grand Prix in 2019.
Round about Five (by Adam Sowa)
Integration of an IP monitoring system with an R-TV-SAT system. The input of the video information from IP CCTV cameras into a TV system requires the use of intermediate devices – Full HD HDMI DVB-T/C modulators. They make it possible to modulate the HDMI signal from the monitor output of a CCTV recorder to DVB-T/C signal. Installers can choose from single-channel and multichannel (max 4) models. And what if the investor's requirement is to input video image from several IP cameras to the SAT TV system and have each camera viewed through a separate channel?
An ideal solution is the use the MI520P R81609 IP transmodulator to convert the ONVIF/RTSP stream 14 IP cameras. The MI520P R81609 device receives the IP stream with a maximum bit rate of up to 80 Mbps and creates any two adjacent multiplexes with a maximum bandwidth specific to the specifications of a given standard. The system administrator chooses the channels of interest from a given IP stream, and then creates any two packages (MUXes) in the standard of choice: DVB-T, DVB-C, J.83B, ISDB-T.
Video from cameras in a DTT antenna system - TERRA MI520 DVB modulator
Video showing the connection and configuration of the TERRA MI520P R81609 transmodulator.
Universal QUATRO LNB: Inverto HOME Pro 0.3dBSubscriber Terminal Outlet: Signal R-TV-SAT5/8 Multiswitch: Terra MR-508 (active terrestrial path, class A)IP (80Mbps) to DVB Transmodulator: Terra MI520P (2xMux, DVB-T/C/J.83B/ISDB-T)Switch TP-Link TL-SF1008D (8 ports)Professional VHF and UHF DVB-T/T2 Antenna Set (H/V): DIPOL 28/5-12/21-60Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 80 TD (dark gray)
An example of using the MI520 R81609 an R-TV-SAT system The stream from HikVision IP cameras is converted to the DVB-T standard, and then input to the multiswitch. The video image from each camera is displayed as a separate program on a TV set.
Signal Fire – implementation of the PON network. Signal Fire splicers are increasingly used by installers. They are used for the construction of fiber optic CCTV, TV/SAT and LAN systems. Fiber optic trunk contractors for smaller and medium operators are also increasingly reaching for such devices. An example of the use of this brand's splicer for fiber optic cabling of a PON (passive optical network) is shown below.
For several years of presence on the European market, the Signal Fire splicers have proven their good performance and reliability. The photo shows a unit with 6290 splices made over 1.5 years. The only maintenance carried out at that time was the exchange of electrodes twice (after about 3,000 and 6,000 splices).
DIPOL grants a 4-year warranty to Signal Fire splicers from official distribution. The authorized service center in Krakow has qualified staff and a stock of spare parts for all models. The equipment returned to the service is usually sent back to the customer the next day.
Signal Fire AI-8/AI-8C/AI-9 - how to begin fusion splicing?
Protection of recordings in a recorder. Reliable storage of recordings saved on a disk by an NVR is of key importance when building a video monitoring system. Sadly, the risk of disk failure and loss of the data stored has to be taken into account. Failure rate of HDD is not high though, and it strongly depends on the operating conditions (vibration, temperature, humidity, dustiness), the make and model of the hard disk. Dedicated hard disk series (Seagate Skyhawk or WD Purple), optimized for specific operating conditions, work best when recording images from cameras. However, it is only the monitoring system with redundant recording (the recordings are backed up on another carrier) that ensures great reliability. In the Hikvision monitoring system, it is possible in two ways:
Redundant recording on an additional hard disk of the NVR:
Simultaneous image recording on two hard disks. If one of them is damaged, the recordings are still available from the other. The redundant disk does not need to have the same capacity as the master one. A smaller capacity disk can be used and images recorded from the selected main cameras.
Multi-system Ceiling Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE56H0T-VPITF (5MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 20m, HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI, CVBS)Multi-system Compact Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE16H0T-IT3F (5MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 40m, HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI, CVBS)HD-TVI TURBO HD 4.0 DVR: Hikvision DS-7216HUHI-K2 (16-ch, 5MP@12fps, H.265, HDMI, VGA)HDD Seagate SkyHawk ST8000VX0022 8TB (3.5HDD Seagate SkyHawk ST8000VX0022 8TB (3.5
HDD management for redundant recording: for each camera select: "disk group", "redundant recording" and the redundant recording mode.
Backup of recordings on a PC's hard disk managed by the software:
Recordings stored on the recorder or camera can be copied to the PC's hard disk over LAN. This is done with the Remote backup program. The copying can be started manually or automatically according to a specific schedule. Note that the backup is not made at the time of recording, but the following day. If the backup delay corresponds to the time for which the recordings are archived in the recorder, recordings covering a much longer period will be available. The earlier ones will be on the recorder, while the older on the computer.
HDD Seagate SkyHawk ST8000VX0022 8TB (3.5Switch TP-Link TL-SF1005D (5 ports)HD-TVI TURBO HD 4.0 DVR: Hikvision DS-7216HUHI-K2 (16-ch, 5MP@12fps, H.265, HDMI, VGA)Multi-system Ceiling Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE56H0T-VPITF (5MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 20m, HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI, CVBS)Multi-system Compact Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE16H0T-IT3F (5MP, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 40m, HD-TVI, AHD, HD-CVI, CVBS)
Main features of the program:
  • on the computer running the program the user has to specify the archive partition; after it becomes full, the program can overwrite the oldest data or stop copying,
  • backup of up to 32 channels,
  • selection of automatic or manual mode,
  • parameters which should be specified in a schedule:
    • channels to be copied,
    • days of the week and starting hours of copying,
    • the maximum time of copying,
    • number of days back for which the copying is needed (1-30),
    • hourly range of recordings (whole day or a part of it),
    • mode of recordings to be copied: all, scheduled, triggered by motion detection, triggered by alarm, started manually,
  • adjustable data rate (bandwidth) due to other devices operating in the LAN,
  • built-in player.
Image from an NVR on multiple monitors. The Signal-HD H3613 HDMI to IP converter enables the user to connect a remote source of HD content to an HD-enabled television/monitor, using one CAT5e/6 cable. It is also possible to extend the USB port e.g. to control the recorder with a mouse.
The H3613R receiver for the H3613 set can send the HDMI signal over the IP network to another TV set. To do so, the IP signal from the transmitter should be applied the Ethernet switch, e.g. TP-Link N29942, to which the HDMI receiver should be connected to IP H3613R. The bit rate of the compressed signal at the transmitter output is approx. 15 Mbps. A dedicated receiver is required for correct decoding of the signal – preview on a PC with a network adapter is not possible.
Gigabit Switch TP-LINK TL-SG105 (5xGE)HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with USB extender)4K IP NVR: Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2 (8ch, 80Mbps, 2xSATA, Alarm IN/OUT, VGA, HDMI)HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (receiver with USB extender)HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (receiver with USB extender)HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (receiver with USB extender)
Connection diagram of multiple monitors to one NVR
Video intercom system for an apartment block. A diagram of the Hikvision IP video intercom system for a 10-story (40 apartments) apartment block is shown below. Two identical sets of gate/door stations are installed at the gate and entrance to the block which include: main module with a camera (DS-KD8003-IME1/EU G73652), Mifare tag reader (DS-KD-M G73662), keyboard to control the first relay in the station (opening the wicket gate and calling individual tenants) (DS-KD-KP G73668), and a display module indicating the door station status and allowing to choose s subscriber from the list (DS-KD-DIS G73670). The gate station modules in the fence are enclosed in two surface-mounted frames (DS-KD-ACW2 G74354) with rain shields (DS-KABD8003-RS2 G74373). The entrance gate is controlled by the gate station in the fence (the second relay is built into the main module). The modules at the entrance to the block are enclosed in two flush-mounted frames (DS-KD-ACF2 G74343). The DS-KH6320-WTE1/EU G74001 monitors are installed in the apartments. The entire network is made of two TP-Link T1500-28PCT N29962 24-port switches.
77SMPS AC/DC Adapter 12VDC/5A (2.1/5.5 (+), for CCTV cameras)Electric Door Strike: Bira ES1-001 (12V AC/DC, adjustable)IP Video Intercom Display Module: Hikvision DS-KD-DIS (3.5Numeric Keypad: Hikvision DS-KD-KP (for IP video intercom)DS-KD-M 13.56 MHz Hikvision Mifare card reader moduleHikvision DS-KD8003-IME1/EU (main module of IP video intercom)Electric Door Strike: Bira ES1-001 (12V AC/DC, adjustable)IP Video Intercom Display Module: Hikvision DS-KD-DIS (3.5Numeric Keypad: Hikvision DS-KD-KP (for IP video intercom)DS-KD-M 13.56 MHz Hikvision Mifare card reader moduleHikvision DS-KD8003-IME1/EU (main module of IP video intercom)Rain shield: Hikvision DS-KABD8003-RS2 for 2-module 2-Wire 2 gen. IP video intercom housingSmart PoE Switch TP-LINK T1500-28PCT (TL-SL2428P) - 24xFE (PoE 802.3af/at), 4xGbE, 2xSFPSmart PoE Switch TP-LINK T1500-28PCT (TL-SL2428P) - 24xFE (PoE 802.3af/at), 4xGbE, 2xSFP
Diagram of a video intercom system for an apartment block
This system configuration is very flexible. Any tenant can be called from the gate station. After receiving the call, the tenant hears and sees the person at the gate and can open the wicket or the gate at any time. The monitors support an intercom function supporting internal calls between individual apartments. Furthermore, each monitor supports the Internet via Wi-Fi for remote receiving and making calls and, if necessary, opening the wicket.
New products offered by DIPOL
Coaxial cable (75 ohm, class A+): TRISET PLUS 1.13/ 4.8/ 6.8 [100m]
The TRISET PLUS Eca class A+ 75 Ohm coaxial cable E1016_100 is dedicated for individual and community antenna installations. It can be used for distribution of DVB-T, FM/DAB, DVB-S/S2 broadcasts (also in multiswitch systems). TRISET PLUS complies with the EN50117 standard and A+ class requirements in the whole 5 5...3000 MHz transmission frequency range.
Cat 6 UTP Cable: NETSET F/UTP LSZH Dca s2 d2 a1 [500m]
The NETSET F/UTP CAT 6 LSZH Dca s2 d2 a1 E1612_500 is the finest-quality twisted pair cable designed for professional data transmission systems inside buildings. The shielding layer made of aluminum foil minimizes crosstalk and interference with the external environment. The cable is offered with a 15-year warranty.
IP Intercom Station: Hikvision DS-KV8413-WME1 Villa 2 gen (4-subscriber, RFID, WiFi, surface mounted)
DS-KV8413-WME1 4-subscriber IP gate/door station Villa 2 gen. G73636 is ideally suited to video intercom systems in single-family houses, semi-detached houses with a workshop or office. Built-in color camera with a resolution of 2 MP with wide viewing angles (129° (H)/75° (V)) and an IR illuminator with the range of 3 m, ensures proper area observation round the clock. Built-in Mifare (13.56 MHz) transponder reader allows for door opening with cards or key rings.
Worth reading
High-performance fiber-optic backbone networks. When constructing a backbone network, it is worth paying attention to the main trunk data rate (between the network nodes). The recommended fiber-optic connection speed between the switches should equal 10 Gbps. Use switches which can be configured and work in the second and third network layer. In addition, when hooking up to smaller subnetworks, you can use media converters connected to the main switch via 1 Gbps SFP inserts...>>>more
The diagram shows a backbone network consisting of N29968
switches linked by 10 Gbps SFP inserts (L1428)
Coaxial Cable (75 ohm, class A++): TRISET B2CA 120dB 1.05/4.6/6.9 [500m]
Coaxial cable for emergency exits
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