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DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 39/2020 (Nov. 30, 2020)
The pandemic has some benefits anyway. According to observations from the ground and in the space, there has been a significant reduction in some air pollutants since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Scientists wanted to know to what extent such decrease could be attributed to reduced human activity, and intended to determine the theoretical amount of pollutants if 2020 did not bring such changes.
Comparing the current data with the simulation results, NASA scientists found that since February, pandemic restrictions have reduced global nitrogen dioxide levels by almost 20%. The results were presented at an international conference on high-performance computing, networks and analysis. Nitrogen dioxide is an air pollutant resulting mainly from burning fossil fuels used by the industry and transport.
Cyclic weather changes and air circulation change local concentrations of pollutants in the Earth's atmosphere. Therefore, a comparison of nitrogen dioxide concentrations in 2020 was made with the data from 2019 and 2018, taking into account the natural changes.
Air pollution in the world in 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic had its beginning in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Central China. It was also the first area with nitrogen dioxide emissions reduced by 60% off the simulated values. Similar changes were found in: 60% Milan, 45% New York. The research continues and the GEOS model data used in this study is available here.
TERRA multiswitch system. Systems based on multiswitches are professional and the most popular way to deliver terrestrial TV (FM/DAB and DVB-T/T2) and satellite SAT (DVB-S/S2) signals to more subscribers. It is the end-user who decides what programs to watch by purchasing the appropriate satellite receiver or by signing an individual contract with one of the digital platform providers.
TERRA products dedicated to use SMATV systems, are primarily top-class equipment covered by a four-year warranty. TV systems based on those components guarantee proper signal reception for long. The distinguishing features of the TERRA multiswitch system include primarily:
  • great scalability – solutions for any number of outlets
  • die cast housings ensuring high screening efficiency and resistance to interferences
  • high isolation between inputs and between outputs – multiswitches of lower categories with insufficient isolation are the most common source of problems in SMATV systems
  • switches instead of potentiometers ensure very precise adjustment of gain/signal level and cable attenuation compensation – this ensures long-term stability of these parameters regardless of temperature changes at the installation site
  • cable attenuation compensation and groups of outputs with different signal levels allow for equalization of signal levels throughout the whole system regardless of signal level in subscriber outlets
  • multi-path splitters in one compact enclosure save space in installation boxes and require less wiring compared to competitive solutions
  • supplying of multiswitches from satellite receivers of the users for increased multiswitch life and lower energy consumption
  • free software SatNet for system design
  • free design examples in pdf/dwg formats for AutoCad designers
An obvious advantage of the MR-9XX multiswitches are different signal levels at the outputs. This guarantees a similar signal level in subscriber outlets located at different distances from the device. In addition to that, the correction of the coaxial cable attenuation is provided. Signals with higher frequencies have higher levels, so the cable attenuation is properly compensated.
Switches in multiswitches instead of potentiometers allow for very precise adjustment of the signal level and correction of cable attenuation. This solution also ensures long-term stability of the set parameters, regardless of temperature changes at the place of installation. The entire system is further enhanced by MASTER compression connectors and the Rack Board assembly component.
Narrow electric strikes of Bira HARTTE series. A new series of HARTTE XS enhanced electric Bira strikes has been added to the offer of DIPOL. The XS series electric strikes are narrow and compact and are thus suitable for installation in narrow sections and door frames. Thanks to their symmetrical design, they are perfect for various types of left and right doors. The strike can be adjusted up to 3.5 mm. Radial shape means that it does go beyond outline of the electric lock and requires less drilling for faster and easier installation. Each model has a different functionality.
Narrow Bira HARTTE XS 12V series strikes
Electric Door Strike: Bira HARTTE S12U (symmetrical, 12V AC/DC)
Electric Door Strike: Bira HARTTE S12U (symmetrical, 12V AC/DC)
Electric Door Strike: BIRA HARTTE XS12UP series XS 12V AC/DC (narrow, memory)
Electric Door Strike: BIRA HARTTE XS12UP series XS 12V AC/DC (narrow, memory)
with a switch
with power memory
12V DC
Motion detection v 2.0 in the Hikvision monitoring system. The most important task of a motion detection system is to detect the entry of a person or a vehicle to the monitored area. Each motion detection can generate an alarm event (e.g. notification to the user, guard or operator) and start video recording. Traditional motion detection was based on changes in the light intensity reaching a pixel (or larger clusters of pixels) of the sensor. Each change of light triggered detection so the system also caught the movement of objects that are not important from the point of view of security. It was sensitive to, for example, leaves moved by wind, flying insects, birds, shadows or precipitation. The new motion detection system 2.0 can analyze detection events in terms of human or vehicle detection. Thanks to that, alarm notifications are filtered and unnecessary alarms are blocked. Motion detection 2.0 is available in the IP cameras of the Acusense 2 gen. series (G2 designation). In a system with a DVR, the recordings can be filtered in terms of human or vehicle detection.
Playback progress bar (iVMS-4200) of a DVR that supports cameras with the 2 gen. Acusense function. Continuous recording in blue, turning on the people detection function adds detection markers (orange). Pink marks the detected motion recording.
10 Gbps via one optical fiber. Internet providers who build their networks over a larger area or partially rely on the infrastructure of larger operators are interested in optimal use of optical fibers. Here, the SFP modules, using one fiber for transmission, are of help.
Single-mode SFP+ Ultimode 10 Gbps 20 km BiDi (WDM) modules
SFP+ Module: Ultimode 10Gbit/s BiDi (single-mode, 1270nm/1330nm, 20 km)
SFP+ Module: Ultimode 10Gbit/s BiDi (single-mode, 1330nm/1270nm, 20 km)
1270 / 1330 nm
1330 / 1270 nm
The speed of 10 Gbps has become a standard in backbone links even for smaller operators. The SFP+ Ultimode L1430 and L1432 modules make it possible to set up such a link using one single-mode fiber. The modules operate at wavelengths of 1270 nm and 1330 nm, i.e. the second transmission window, the safest in terms of any installation issues (poor splices, fiber bends, etc.).
Remote power supply of the PoE switch. The ULTIPOWER 352SFP N299707 PoE switch has the Powered Device function that allows it to be powered by connecting to another PoE switch. This function is particularly handy when only one twisted-pair cable is connected to the switch installation site (and the cameras, if installed in the same place, e.g. on a pole).
Industrial PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 352SFP 802.3af/at (4xPoE GE, 1xGE (PD), 2xSFP 1000M, Extended, VLAN, PoE Auto-Check, PD function)
Example of PoE switch installation with the PD function
Moreover, the switch has the following functions:
  • Extend function that enables powering devices connected with twisted pair with a length of up to 250 m,
  • PoE Auto Check automatically performs current restart of the connected device in the event of hanging. (NOTE! Turn this function off when updating the software of the connected devices.)
New products offered by DIPOL
Optical Fiber Distribution Frame: GP62DW-1 max. 16 splices, 8 SC adapters
Optical Fiber Distribution Frame: GP62DW-1 max. 16 splices, 8 SC adapters The L54016 allows for easy arrangement of fiber optic cables (up to 12 fibers, depending on the installed adapters.) The openings inside the distribution frame are suitable for SC simplex or LC duplex adapters. The splice cassette can accommodate up to 12 splices.

Optical Fiber Distribution Frame: GP62DW-3 max. 24 splices, 12 SC adapters
Optical Fiber Distribution Frame: GP62DW-3 max. 24 splices, 12 SC adapters The L54024 distribution frame allows for easy arrangement of fiber optic cables (up to 24 fibers, depending on the installed adapters.) The openings inside the distribution frame are suitable for SC simplex or LC duplex adapters. The splice cassette can accommodate up to 24 splices.
Steel Satellite Dish: TRX-EL 90 FAMAVAL (90 cm) [graphite]
The 90 TRX-FAMAVAL 90 LH [graphite] A9655 steel satellite dish (dimensions 90.5 cm 83.4 cm) offers excellent signal reception. The high-tech steel dish is extremely weather resistant.

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HTTPS protocol can be activated in the advanced network settings section. The user may create a self-signed certificate, or install a certificate signed by an accredited certification authority.
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