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DIPOL Weekly Review – TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
Nr 41/2021 (December 13, 2021)
A 3D printed eye. An attempt to create and implement a prosthetic eye manufactured using a 3D printer has been successfully completed in the UK. The procedure was performed at Moorfields Eye Hospital, and the first patient was Steve Verze.
The traditional process of creating an eye prosthesis is quite time-consuming (it takes about 6 weeks and consists of such stages as making a cast, grinding, painting). This is because it is fitted to the patient's other eye and the orbital socket in which it will be placed.
3D printing greatly speeds up the entire procedure. All it takes is a scan of the patient's orbital socket (which takes only 2.5 seconds), from which a model of the eyeball can be created ready for 3D printing. Approximately 40 patients will participate in clinical trials that will evaluate the effectiveness of the 3D printed eyes for mobility, cosmetics, fit and comfort.
Video intercom system for an apartment block. A diagram of the Hikvision IP video intercom system for a 10-story (40 apartments) apartment block is shown below. At the wicket and entrance of the building, two identical sets of door stations have been installed, which include:
  • main module with the DS-KD8003-IME1/EU G73652 camera,
  • Mifare tag reader DS-KD-M G73662,
  • keyboard to control the first relay in the station (opening) the wicket gate and calling individual tenants DS-KD-KP G73668,
  • a display module indicating the door station status and allowing to choose s subscriber from the list DS-KD-DIS G73670.
    The gate station modules in the fence are enclosed in two surface-mounted frames (DS-KD-ACW2 G74354) with rain shields (DS-KABD8003-RS2 G74373). The entrance gate is controlled by the gate station in the fence (the second relay is built into the main module). The modules at the entrance to the block are enclosed in two flush-mounted frames (DS-KD-ACF2 G74343). The DS-KH6320-WTE1/EU G74001 monitors are installed in the apartments. The entire network is made of two TP-Link T1500-28PCT N29962 24-port switches.
    Napájecí zdroj ZI-5000 12V/5A (pro CCTV kamery)ES1-001 Elektrozamek symetrický s regulací 12V AC/DC BiraIP Video Intercom Display Module: Hikvision DS-KD-DIS (3.5ES1-001 Elektrozamek symetrický s regulací 12V AC/DC BiraIP Video Intercom Display Module: Hikvision DS-KD-DIS (3.5Smart PoE Switch TP-LINK T1500-28PCT (TL-SL2428P) - 24xFE (PoE 802.3af / at), 4xGbE, 2xSFPSmart PoE Switch TP-LINK T1500-28PCT (TL-SL2428P) - 24xFE (PoE 802.3af / at), 4xGbE, 2xSFP
    This system configuration is very flexible. Any tenant can be called from the gate station. After receiving the call, the tenant hears and sees the person at the gate and can open the wicket or the gate at any time. The monitors support an intercom function supporting internal calls between individual apartments. Furthermore, each monitor supports the Internet via Wi-Fi for remote receiving and making calls and, if necessary, opening the wicket.
    Compact TERRA S3C32WB headend. The S3C32WB R81635 32-channel headend is a device that enables distribution of the uncoded FTA and BISS coded channels. The S3C32WB R81635 has 32 transmodulators, each of which receives the signal from the entire satellite transponder (several programs), and then creates respectively 32 DVB-C multiplexes, enabling the reception of 32 digital multiplexes on TV sets equipped with a DVB-C head. Channels received from a specific transponder can be filtered as desired. The only condition is that the maximum bandwidth at the modulator output may not be exceeded.
    Satelitní parabola Famaval TRX-EL 110 [tmavá]Konvertor Wide Band H / V GT-WB1 GT-SATJednokabelové dSCR Multipřepínací: Terra SRM-522 (290 ... 2340MHz, třída A, pasivní Terr. TV trasa)Hlavní stanice Terra S3C32WB 32xDVB-S/S2 - 32xDVB-C (QAM)Impulsní napájecí zdroj Terra PS202F (20V 2A, Digital SCR)
    The most important features of the S3C32WB R81635 headend:
    • DVB-S/S2 (8PSK/QPSK) to DVB-C (QAM) signal transmodulation,
    • receiving of FTA non-coded channels from up to 8 satellite positions,
    • support for BISS decryption (no operator code cards, program decoding with a key entered at the headend),
    • embedded remultiplexer – creating DVB-C multiplexes with any program content,
    • any output channel can be set within 48-858 MHz frequency range,
    • redundant power supply for immediate power source switching,
    • possibility to play a TS file from USB memory stick,
    • intuitive LED indicators show the headend operation status,
    • compact size,
    • high functionality,
    • low power consumption.
    Enhanced motion detection zones in IP cameras. Enhanced motion detection zones are available in IP cameras (currently only second generation) of the Acusense series. Quadrilateral detection areas have been replaced by polygon ones (minimum quadrilaterals, maximum tenagons). They allow for a better matching of motion detection zones to places where this function is required.
    Said cameras can filter out motion detection by distinguishing between the silhouette of a person or a vehicle. This can avoid false alarm notifications, e.g. generated by animals or moving trees.
    Popular building access point. TP-Link EAP access points are recommended for creating an efficient and reliable Wi-Fi network in demanding installations, such as office buildings. When the system is inside a building, the best choice is the TP-Link EAP225 N2567 access point. The device operates in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. In the case of such devices, the maximum number of users connected to one access point is more important than the range. It is recommended not to exceed 25 users in one band (if the device supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz band it can connect up to 50 users). In areas with large numbers of users, several devices should be used.
    With the Load Balance function, the device will automatically switch the user to a less loaded AP when the maximum set number of users is exceeded. This function enables also switching users to devices with stronger signal, e.g. when the user moves around the building. Another important function is Band Steering enabling even distribution of users between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.
    Fiber optic system – distribution frame installation. The following is an example of a fiber optic distribution frame installation based on an L5124 Ultimode RACK fiber optic box with the L5541 front panel. The distribution frame installation includes:
    • installation of the box in a rack cabinet
    • installation of the tray for splices
    • mounting brackets for the spare fibers
    • installation of adapters
    • arranging the fibers coming from the optical line
    • arranging pigtails
    • fusion splicing
    • protecting and arranging the splices in the dedicated holders
    The front panel has been equipped with eight multimode LC duplex adapters L4155. The free places can be used in the future, along with the installation of another tray (the 1U L5124 box can accommodate two such trays).
    New products offered by DIPOL
    +++NETSET BOX U/UTP/500m E1611_500 cat. 6 gel filled finest-quality twisted pair cable designed for professional data transmission systems inside buildings.

    TP-Link VIGI C400P-4 IP ceiling camera K1153 is dedicated for use in CCTV systems based on an IP DVR NVR1008. It is fitted with a 3 MP 1/2.7" CMOS sensor and an IR illuminator with a range up to 30 m to ensure proper visibility in low-light conditions. It has a fixed 4 mm lens with a viewing angle of 92°. The IP67 rated housing protects the inside electronic components from adverse weather conditions.

    The Hikvision DS-2CD2743G2-IZS K02817 camera, part of the EasyIP Plus series, implements the AcuSense technology. The model is dedicated for use in monitoring systems based on IP DVRs. It is equipped with a 4 MP and 1/3” CMOS sensor and an IR illuminator based on EXIR technology with a range up to 40 m to ensure proper visibility in low-light conditions. It has a varifocal 2.8-12 mm Motozoom type lens, enabling remote viewing angle change in the range 95.8-29.2°. The lens focuses automatically after the focal length change.
    Worth reading
    Home monitoring system based on Hikvision IP cameras with AcuSense. The diagram below shows a monitoring system for a single-family house based on Hikvision DS-2CD2046G2-I K03141 cameras with AcuSense technology, from the EasyIP 4.0 series. These cameras are able to detect human/vehicle objects and filter out all other false alarms. This increases the effectiveness of the entire surveillance system compared to traditional cameras. The cameras are equipped with image sensors with a resolution of 4 MP and a fixed focal length ensuring a wide viewing angle of 103°. This model uses infrared LEDs made with EXIR technology, which allows for even illumination of the area being monitored at night...>>>more
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