No. 24/2016 (June 13, 2016)

Google already has a prototype of ARA.

Google, giant in the field of search engines, once again went a step further and, during the Google I/O 2016 conference, unveiled a prototype of a modular version of cellular phone, very different from phones available on the market. So far, phone users do not have the opportunity to enrich functionality of their devices by adding new modules. A modular smartphone, in line with the ARA project, is based on a completely different idea that common phones. The main part of the presented prototype is a base unit with compartments for six modules. The individual components can be quickly and easily installed, just by inserting any module into a suitable place. The module is instantly detected and installed in the system, without a need for additional drivers or even rebooting the device. To remove a module, it is enough to give a voice command or select the specific component in the dedicated application. All modules are to be compatible with the ARA platform, including backward compatibility with previous models. This means that regardless of whether one has an older or newer model, the modules will fit both of them.
The prototype of the module smartphone presented at Google I/O 2016 conference
Thanks to this solution, users will be able to enrich their devices e.g. with cameras with higher resolutions, more powerful batteries, new speakers, or even glucometers, devices very useful for diabetics. Any patient will be able to measure the level of sugar in every place, a dedicated application will create a history of the disease and, if necessary, the history will be shown to the doctor. So far, such a solution has not been available on any smartphone. These are just a few examples of modules that can increase the functionality of the phones in the near future. The first modular smartphone should be available for sale already in 2017.

Mobile access to surveillance video via P2P.

Hikvision company provides for their devices free service called Ezviz. The service allows users to monitor the video from Hikvision IP cameras without the need for an external IP address. Additionally, this cloud P2P service allows less advanced users to easily get access to the video with no need for configuring the network.
Main windows of the iVMS-4500 and Ezviz applications
For the preview, the user should create an account in the service. The account can accommodate devices with activated Ezviz service - just by scanning their QR codes, finding them in the local area network, or listing their respective serial numbers. A mobile access to the devices is possible by the iVMS-4500 or Ezviz application (links for Android devices, there are versions for Windows Phone and iOS as well).

Setting up automatic restart in Signal cameras.

Signal cameras allow users to setup automatic restart in a required cycle. To activate this function, the user should log on to the camera (by default: admin, password: admin), and then select the system restoring item. There are several options:
  • never - the function is switched off,
  • every day - reboot every day at the same selected time,
  • weekly - reboot at the time selected individually for each day of the week,
  • monthly - reboot at the time selected individually for each day of the month.
View of scheduled restart window of Signal K1885 camera

Compression connectors in CCTV systems.

BNC connectors can be the cause of many problems in the implementation of CCTV systems, already at the installation stage. The reasons of the problems are uncertain connections. The situation is even worse in the case of outdoor installations, where various weather conditions (including temperature changes and water penetration) accelerate the speed of corrosion. It deteriorates the quality of video monitoring or even can stop operation of some channels. This is unacceptable, especially in the case of critical applications, such as bank or city video surveillance systems.
  E8278 E8279
Code E8275 E8276 E8277 E8278   E8279


Compression tool
Insulation stripper
Appropriate design and excellent accuracy of MASTER connectors eliminates any problems with installing them on cables. They can be easily screwed on sockets, as well. Properly compressed connections are highly resistant to break, due to dual compression rings that also prevent entering of water from the side of the cables and this way protect the connected devices. The indispensable compression tool is either MASTER E80075 or universal MASTER E80078.

Access to the Internet with the use of TP-LINK devices.

TP-Link in one of the world's leading manufacturers of network devices for homes and offices. The devices are reliable, easy to configure, and offer modern design. They were awarded numerous prizes by independent computer magazines, which testifies the high quality of the devices and a great attention to the customer satisfaction.
Direct connection to telephone line and link sharing is one of the most popular ways to distribute Internet within the home, as most home users are connected to the Internet through ADSL lines (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), both in the case of multi-dwelling units and one-family homes.
The architecture of the network with Internet access via ADSL line
The router (1) with integrated ADSL modem is responsible for distribution of the connection to multiple computers, via wired or wireless means.
List of equipment that can be used in such installation:
  • Device no. 1 - the device with access to the Internet, responsible for its distribution to multiple computers within the local network:
    • N2909 - wireless ADSL2+ modem router TP-LINK TD-W8968 (with 4-port switch, incl. 1 EWAN, and 802.11n 300 Mbps AP),
  • Device no. 2, 3 - for wireless access to the network from a desktop:
    • N2922 - wireless USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN722N (802.11n, 150Mb/s).

Flat optical cables in buildings.

Implementations of FTTH installations based on fiber optic subscriber lines arranged in a star topology are currently the most popular way of deploying fiber optics in multi-family buildings. The main advantages of the solution include a relatively low cost and a simple installation. The reasons of the low cost:
  • application of cheap distribution cables – the most popular indoor distribution cable Ultimode L7102 is nearly two times cheaper than good quality Cat 5 UTP cable,
  • no need for additional installation activities such as splicing fibers in some intermediate boxes, making breakout windows, pulling out fibers, installation of breakout units (necessary in the case of breakout/easy access cables).
A disadvantage of this solution can be problems with holding multiple cables in proper arrangement in the distribution frame (to preserve the minimum bending radius for each cable/fiber). In some cases, the solution requires the application of additional distribution frame(s) for getting more space, despite the fact that the number of connections would be sufficient.
Fiber Optic Box: ULTIMODE MT-524 (19Indoor Cable: ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A (2xG.657A1, limited bending radius)
The most popular cable used in these applications is ULTIMODE ILB-2SM-A L7102. A special construction of the cable with rectangular cross-section of the jacket plus built-in FRP reinforcing rods naturally limit the bending capability in one plane to a safe bending radius range. Thanks to reduced minimum bending radius of the G.657.A single-mode fibers, the cable and individual fibers can be formed into tight coils (the minimum bending radius is only 7.5 mm).

New products

IPTV Streamer: TERRA sdi 480 (DVB-S/S2 to IP, USB port)
IPTV DVB-S/S2 to IP Streamer TERRA sdi 480 R81610 allows for the selection of up to 100 unencrypted satellite channels from up to 8 transponders and their distribution via Ethernet (LAN) network based on twisted-pair cabling. The output IP stream with effective throughput up to 400 Mbps is usually provided to IPTV receivers via network switches. The use of multicast technique considerably saves the network resources.
Anchoring Clamp I-69.PAT 3.6kN 4-8 mm
Anchoring Clamp I-69.PAT 3.6kN 4-8 mm E8576 allows the suspension of a cable. The body is made of UV-protected plastic. The clamp is designed for cables with a diameter between 4 and 8 mm. The minimum breaking force is 3.6 kN.
PoE Power Supply/Injector ULTIPOWER (48V 15.4W 802.3af)
PoE Power Supply/Injector ULTIPOWER (48V 15.4W 802.3af) M1891 is designed for powering devices using PoE technology. With this technology, one UTP/FTP cable transmits data and provides power to the connected network device. The compliance with the IEEE802.3af standard enables the user to employ the supplier/injector for powering any compatible PoE device.

Worth reading

PC and APC connectors - are they exchangeable? Optical connectors are available in two versions, (U)PC and APC. UPC means Ultra Physical Contact, APC is the short for Angled Physical Contact. The difference consists in the polishing of the fiber end face. The end face in a UPC connector is flat, in an APC it is polished at an angle of 8 degrees. The fiber end faces polished at that angle prevent reflection of light from the interface between them, ensuring very low back reflection... >>>more
The selection of the suitable connector is easier thanks to different colors of the UPC and APC versions
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