No. 37/2016 (Nov. 14, 2016)

A turning point in the history of the Internet?

According to the latest report from StatCounter, the time we spend online via mobile devices is increasing every year. Last month, for the first time in history, the overall number of visits to web pages from mobile devices exceeded that generated by desktop PCs and laptops. According to the data published by StatCounter, last month mobile devices were responsible for 51.3% of all the visits, compared to 48.7% of visits from traditional devices. Interestingly, assuming that tablets make a separate category, the data would change very slightly (only 4.73% of visits were made by the users of tablets).
October 2016 - the first time in history the number of visits to web pages
from mobile devices exceeded the number of visits from desktops and laptops
These rates are mainly the result of the popularity of mobile devices in emerging markets where smartphones are for most people the main and often the only access platform to the Internet. Just the opposite to the Internet users in the United States - so far the dominant method of access to the web is the use of desktop PCs and laptops there. According to figures released by StatCounter, the home and office computers in the US generated 63.5% of online browsing, while mobile devices accounted for the remaining 36.5%.

Broadband amplifier for cable TV systems.

A wide offer of Internet access via cable television networks has become possible thanks to amplifiers with active return channel. To date, high prices of such amplifiers could somewhat inhibit the development of this platform. The HA-205R65 R82307 broadband cable amplifier is a very competitive offer. For an attractive price, the provider gets high quality device with active return channel. The amplifier allows for signal level equalization in the forward and return path. This function is often necessary due to various kinds of cabling in buildings. Another special feature of the HA-205R65 amplifier is the application of an SiGe integrated circuit as the driver, and push-pull output stage made of Gal-As components. This solution ensures high output level with minimized intermodulation distortion.
Building Amplifier: Terra HA-123
TERRA HA-205R65 R82307 broadband cable amplifier with active return path
Key features
  • forward path (47-862 MHz): max output level 109 dBμV, gain 27/36 dB
  • return path (5-65 MHz): max output level 115 dBμV, gain 27/-4 dB
  • signal level equalization both in the forward and return path
  • specially designed for cable TV systems with return channel

Connecting antennas to wireless devices.

The user of a wireless network device such as access point, wireless adapter, modem etc. who wants to buy an external antenna should know the type of the antenna connector used in the device. A multitude of solutions and slight differences in appearance mean that less experienced users can have great difficulty in choosing the antenna with a matching connector.
The type of the connector depends on the device manufacturer and may differ in the case of devices operating in different frequency bands. Great diversity can be found in devices used for broadband data transmission in cellular networks (modems).
Most modems have been equipped with small-size antenna connectors. Having some advantages, the connectors require the use of adapters - additional connectors/leads - for connecting external antennas. The reason is that the antenna cable is usually too massive to allow direct termination with the matching connector. The most flexible solution is to use an adapter, a short cable terminated on one side with the suitable connector, and with FME plug on the other (most antennas are equipped with cables terminated with FME sockets, routers with built-in modems are usually equipped with SMA sockets).

FME plug to CRC9 (SMB) cable, TS5
FME socket
SMA socket
FME plug to CRC9 (SMB) cable (Huawei) E83200

Gel-filled twisted-pair cables.

Twisted-pair (balanced) cables are used to transmit signals in telecommunication systems and computer networks. Currently they are mainly used in Ethernet networks. Twisted-pair cables may consist of one or more pairs. The twisting strongly reduces the influence of external electromagnetic interference and mutual interference between the pairs, called crosstalk.
Gel-filled NETSET BOX UTPw 5e E1410_305 is a top quality twisted-pair cable designed for professional data transmission systems in environments with increased humidity. Its polyethylene (PE) sheath is resistant to UV radiation (sunlight) and moisture. The center of the cable is filled with gel to prevent longitudinal water penetration in the cable, even in the case of damage to the sheath. The cable put into ducts or trays can be used in installations buried in the ground.
CAT 5e UTP Cable: NETSET BOX U/UTP 5e <br />(outdoor - gel-filled, black) [305m]
NETSET BOX U/UTP cat 5e E1410_305 cable has 15-year warranty against a significant change of any parameter. The manufacturer guarantees stability of the parameters given in the "Specifications" on the condition that the cable is packed, transported, installed, and used according to adequate European standards (among others E-79100 and EN 50174-1), within the permissible environmental conditions. NETSET BOX UTPw 5e E1410_305 cable can be used in a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 50°C, and should be installed between -30°C and +50°C. Before crimping RJ45 connectors, the wires have to cleaned with extraction naphtha and then with alcohol.

Turbo HD 3.0 - backward compatibility.

The latest generation of Turbo HD 3.0 cameras includes 3 MP models. The cameras have to be connected to Turbo HD 3.0 DVRs. They are supported both by DVRs with maximum recording resolution 3 MP and 2 MP. However, in the latter case the resolution of such cameras will be automatically reduced to 2 MP (the requirement: at least the v3.4.75 firmware version).
During the selection of CCTV equipment it is necessary to check the compatibility of components,
especially in the case of different generations of devices. For example, 3 MP Turbo HD 3.0 cameras
are not supported by the older generation of HD DVRs.
2 MP Turbo HD 3.0 cameras can be used with Turbo HD DVRs. And, of course, TurboHD 3.0 DVRs support all generations and series of HD 3.0 and HD cameras.

Extending the capabilities of alarm control panel.

One of the basic parameters of a control panel which should be taken into account at the stage of its selection is the number of inputs and outputs. There are control panels that may meet general expectations of the user, but have too small number of inputs/outputs on the motherboard. However, they can be successfully applied in combination with expansion modules. In some situations the user e.g. wants install only one panel to protect the home and garage located at a certain distance. In this case, it is convenient to mount the G2232 expansion module directly in the garage. This significantly facilitates the installation of the system.
LCD Keypad SATEL INTEGRA INT-KLCD-GRControl Panel with 8...32 Zones: SATEL INTEGRA 32 (main board)230/18 VAC Transformer TR-60 VA (SATEL)Rechargeable Battery MWS 18-12 (12V, 18Ah)Partition Keypad: SATEL INTEGRA INT-SF-SSWInput Expansion Module: SATEL INT-E (8 zones)
An example of an alarm system with the SATEL INT-E zone expansion module
In the case of seven sensors and the keyboard installed in the garage, it is sufficient to use the SATEL INT-E zone expansion module connected with the control panel via one communication bus. This solution allows for the reduction of the number of wires in the alarm system and improves its integrity. The information about the status of the sensors connected to the expander is transmitted to the control panel over the communication bus.

New products

Junction Box DS-1280ZJ-XS (for Hikvision ceiling and compact cameras)
Junction Box DS-1280ZJ-XS M57192 is designed for mounting ceiling and compact (bullet) HIKVISION cameras. The box is made of metal and can hold video transformers/baluns, connections etc. It weights 0.3 kg and can carry load up to 4.5 kg. The box can be used outdoors.

HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD60PURX 6TB (3.5
HDD Western Digital PURPLE WD60PURX 6TB M89320 is designed for use in CCTV systems operating in 24/7 mode. The series offers superior performance, high capacity and long-term reliability. The drives can work non-stop in systems processing and recording audio and video, especially professional CCTV systems, on any platform (NAS systems, PCs, standalone DVRs).

Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at422 (VHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
Twin Channel Amplifier Terra at422 (VHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC) R82509 is a double highly selective tunable amplifier capable of filtering and equalizing levels of antenna signals in VHF-3 band, in analog or digital (DVB-T) mode. The output channels/multiplexes can then be distributed in large MATV systems - in multifamily buildings, hotels, public buildings, etc. Its high modulation error rate (MER), not lower than 36 dB, provides an excellent reception of digital terrestrial TV broadcasts even in very extensive systems.

Worth reading

Transmission of HDMI signal over coaxial cable. RF over coax HDMI converters/extenders allow for transmission of HDMI signals over long distances via 75 ohm coaxial cables. In order to provide the HDMI signal to several TVs/monitors, the output signal from the transmitter can be split by a typical TV splitter. Each of the paths has to be terminated with the dedicated receiver. In the case of short transmission path(s), it may be necessary to use suitable attenuator(s)... >>>more
Application diagram of the RF over coax HDMI converter
New Terra multiswitches. Four-year warranty now!